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Behind The Making of Our Camille Dress

Continuing with our #DVFCraft series, we explore the unique design process and custom print behind our Camille Dress that stars in the DVF Spring 18 campaign.

Created from start to finish in our New York design studio, our Harlow print comes to life in this diaphanous, printed mesh, heavily ruched, midi-length dress. 

Behind The Making of Our Camille Dress


Our Harlow print is a fluid, hand-painted, romantic rendering of lilies that captures the flower’s abundant quality.

A line drawing of the lilies is scanned into a digital file, and then infused with fresh colors such as juniper green, ivory, and yellow. This file is shared with the expert producers who specialize in screen-printing.

Large silk screens are hand-loaded with custom-mixed dyes and the traditional technique of screen-printing is used to transfer the Harlow print onto stretchy nylon mesh fabric.

The pattern is printed and overprinted multiple times in order to achieve rich, dense colors.

Behind The Making of Our Camille Dress
Behind The Making of Our Camille Dress


To determine the shape and fit of the dress, a prototype mesh fabric is draped on the mannequin—think of it like an artist doing a sketch before she picks up her paintbrush to begin the real thing.

Once the silhouette is determined, pattern pieces are used to trace and cut out precise shapes of nylon mesh that combine to form the dress. The pattern pieces for our Camille Dress are much bigger than you would think and use more material, because once they are sewn together, they are ruched into a svelte, slinky dress.

Behind The Making of Our Camille Dress


To create the ruching, strings are threaded through the dress—at the front and center back, side seams, and arms.

With its soft V-neck, midi length silhouette, our Camille Dress ic comfortable, versatile, and made for movement.

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