Make Your Mark: June
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Helping others doesn’t have to be complicated. There is one simple thing you can do every day to make a positive difference in the world. In fact, Diane’s been doing it for years. And when she accepted the Swarovksi Award for Positive Change at this month’s CFDA Awards she shared this little trick that just might work for you, too.

Make Your Mark: June
On June 4 at the CFDA Awards, Diane accepted the Swarovksi Award for Positive Change, which honors an American individual in the Fashion Industry who has made an impact and improves the welfare of others through their resources and time. In her remarks, Diane encouraged the audience to try a trick she has mastered over the years.

“Every morning, when I go to my computer or iPad, the first email that I will do is something that doesn’t benefit me… At first it started like a game. With technology, without talking, without making any noise, you can introduce one person to another person and change a person’s life…I encourage you all to do the same. Because you all have a voice and you all know people. And if you pay attention and you connect people, you can change a person’s life.”

So, this month, in honor of Diane and her effortless approach, Make Your Mark by sending an email to make that connection and help someone else, or just send a compliment to make them feel good. As Diane said in closing her speech, “I think it’s important that all of us practice this thing that is ‘Be nice.’” We couldn’t agree more.