Make Your Mark: March
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The time is now. These are the actions—small and big—you can take today to make a difference.

Give ‘Em A Ring
Got something you need to air? Or a question you want to ask? All of us have one representative in congress and two senators; for those in New York, give them a call at (202)-2250-3121 and let them know your concerns or any changes you’d like to see. Simply ask for one of your representatives (you can even ask for a direct number to their private lines). If you don’t know any of their names, give them your zip code, and they’ll tell you the right person to contact. Once you get a representative or senator on the phone, speak your mind; whether it’s gun control, immigration laws, women’s rights, or LGBTQ rights, let your representatives know how you feel, and get their feedback. That’s what they’re here for.

Support Your Neighbors
Show support to your fellow Americans whose livelihoods and futures are being threatened because they left their home countries to pursue the American dream. If you’re in the position to hire someone, to uplift someone, or to bring attention to a person or a cause, make sure you’re looking at people and communities from all backgrounds, races, religions, and gender identities.

Meet, Connect, and Use Your Voice
Show up. Be present. Participate. Find a local organization that you believe in, and attend one of their meetings. If you’re on the West Coast, we recommend popping in to an event organized by Women in Film, which helps advance the careers of women in film and advocates for equality within the industry. For a list of their events, visit their website here. We also urge you to support the New York-based International Rescue Committee, which helps refugees whose lives have been completely upended get acclimated and gain control of their future. For those in the UK, consider taking part in one of HeforShe’s initiatives. The organization aims to be a visible and powerful force for gender equality, inviting people of all gender identities to join the cause. For upcoming HeforShe events, visit their website here.


Give Back
There are countless organizations that could use your support at all times. Below, find five such organizations:


  1. AnnieCannons
    Founded by Laura Hackney and Jessica Hubley, who are nominated for the 2018 People’s Voice Award, to be awarded at this year’s DVF Awards. To learn more about them, click here.
    Mission: Transforming survivors of human trafficking into software professionals to ensure a lifetime free of exploitation.
    Donate here 
  2. A Sense of Home
    Founded by Georgie Smith, a nominee of the 2018 People’s Voice Award, to be awarded at this year’s DVF Awards.
    Mission: To better the lives of former foster youth.
    Donate here 
  3. Fugees Family
    Founded by Luma Mufleh, a nominee of the 2018 People’s Voice Award, to be awarded at this year’s DVF Awards.
    Mission: To educate refugee children in an environment that understands their unique challenges.
    Donate here 
  4. She Should Run
    Founded by Erin Cutraro, She Should Run aims to get more female representation in the US government.
    Mission: Increase the number of women running for office by providing a platform for people to highlight great women leaders, and resources and a supportive community to women who are already running for office.
    Donate here 
  5. Giffords Courage to Fight Gun Violence
    Founded by Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly, Courage to Fight Gun Violence aims to implement stricter gun laws in America
    Mission: To save lives from gun violence by informing Americans about safe alternatives, proposing policies that will ultimately make Americans safer, and holding the gun lobby accountable.
    Donate here