Love, Diane: Fall Edition
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Love Diane: Fall Edition

Anytime I slow down and take a minute to read my old diaries I am struck by how many times I have written, “I am at a turning point.” It’s no secret, then, why I love Fall. Fall is nature’s turning point; the turning of the seasons, the turning of the leaves. It’s also a time for setting intentions for the rest of the year. I have dedicated my life to empowering women—through fashion, through philanthropy and through mentoring—so I am beyond excited to celebrate International Day of the Girl with Girls Write Now, a fabulous organization that supports young women writers.

Another top priority and another way for women to have our voices heard? VOTE! And, finally, because Fall is also the perfect time to prioritize your closet, I share a few of my favorite things to buy now.

Love Diane

Love, Diane: Fall Edition