Love, Diane: August
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Love Diane: August

Even as I write this from my boat in the Mediterranean, I know that summer will soon end. It is always such a thrill to return to the office and to the energy of fashion week. This month is dedicated to that moment, when women get back to work and make things happen! I am so excited to have Sandra Campos, our very own DVF CEO, as our Woman In Charge, and to share my TEDx talk, Design Your Life, about how I came to be a Woman In Charge myself. Finally, as the Godmother of the Statue of Liberty, I invite you to join me, The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation and the National Park Service, as we set out to complete construction on the new museum that will celebrate Lady Liberty and her fascinating story.

As for the final days of summer, go for it and enjoy it all !

Love Diane

Love, Diane: August