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Grand Talley

Renowned writer, editor and bastion of fabulousness, André Leon Talley recently opened a gallery bearing his name at the Savannah College of Art and Design’s new museum. ALT has long known how to make an entrance and his debut exhibition, “High Style,” was no exception. There were lust worthy pieces from all the fashion names you know by heart and, of course, a long, effortlessly glamorous sequined wrap dress from DVF. 

Here, Inside DVF catches up with ALT on the opening, what’s next, and why Beyond Diva black is the new black.

Inside DVF: In the Vogue piece, you describe how Diana Vreeland taught you how to create a narrative and diorama; a fictional moment through clothes. Can you describe the story you were hoping to tell with the opening?

André Leon Talley: I decided to create the narrative, in the abstract, of course, with these beautiful evening clothes by Oscar de la Renta (a great friend of DVF and yours truly), Miuccia Prada, Tom Ford, Zac Posen, and Karl Lagerfeld’s incredible Franz Xavier Winterhalter-inspired strapless.

The finale powder room scene at the Casino Roof, in George Cukor’s classic comedy, The Women, was my inspiration for the entire exhibit.  It is a film I must have watched up to fifty times, on my plasma screen.  It is the sum total of Adrian’s brilliance in the Golden Age, of Hollywood Design.  In fact, the first show I ever volunteered and worked under the direction of Diana Vreeland, was Romantic and Glamorous Hollywood Design: 1974.

I wanted every single designer who had come to SCAD to be dramatically in the realm of the glamorous room, with all the gorgeous mirrored furniture and a great portrait of Lady Strickland, by Sir Peter Lely, painted in 1659. He was a court painter and Lady Strickland is wearing a duchess satin dress, the fabric of couture.

DVF: Was there a process by which you chose the dresses to be included, or was it an emotional response “yes” or “no” to pieces you considered? Was there anything you fought particularly hard to include?

ALT: Well, the Karl Lagerfeld, that was a dress in the closet of my great friend, the art patron, Sao Schlumberger. I went to so many fittings at Chanel with Sao when I lived in Paris, so this was a special moment for me. How did that dress get to SCAD from Sao’s closet? Before she died, she sold it to Lily Et Cie, the vintage emporium on Burton Way in Los Angeles. I rang up my friend, Pat Altschul who bought it, had it altered to fit her measurements, and we went to the Chanel exhibit, in 2005, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was only fitting.

DVF: What drew you to the DVF black sequined wrap dress?

ALT: I had a choice of a DVF glamazon wrap in sequins in three colors, dazzling blue, Hollywood platinum gold, and BD black. That’s Beyond Diva black.  After a discussion with DVF by telephone from her country retreat, we both felt black would be the instant classic and pop in the gallery. We were right. It’s so outstanding.

DVF: DVF is big on mantras. Do you have any favorite words to live by? Fashion or otherwise? 

ALT: When I wake up in the morning, I think Live in Love, and the zones all come together.

DVF: What’s next?

ALT: President Paula Wallace is so thrilled with the success of “High Style” that she has already approved my next exhibit, which goes up early 2012, LBD, or the Little Black Dress. Expect the unexpected!


Fast and Furious

With a blur of printed wrap dresses and the purr of a DVF Fiat engine, Diane wrapped up the European leg of theDIANE the Fragrance tour on October 14th. She signed autographs and tied fragrance-dipped ribbons around the wrists of fans at Sephora stores in Lisbon, Warsaw, and Milan.

In Lisbon, Diane was greeted by cheering fans snapping photos. All left the celebration with a bottle of DIANE the Fragrance in hand.

In Warsaw, a slew of dancers performing a vivacious routine to the tune of “I’m every woman” drew crowds to Sephora.

The European tour concluded in Italy, the country where Diane worked as an apprentice for a fabric manufacturer early in her career. The celebration in Milan was a trip down memory lane as it reminded her of a time that sparked the creation of the wrap dress. “Italy is where it all began. It’s where I learned everything I know!,” says Diane. Milan signified a special occasion not only for Diane, but for one particular fan as well, who flew in from Salonika, Greece just to meet her and capture the moment with a photograph.

Zipping through the streets of Europe, the golden DVF Fiat ushered Diane through each city, bringing her closer to fans and leaving a trail scented with frangipani and violets behind her.


Noon in Paris

The words of Chaka Khan’s, “I’m every woman!” rang through the city of lights on Wednesday as Diane and a flash mob of 100 dancers, all clad in DVF wrap dresses, moved to the music to celebrate the European launch of DIANE the fragrance at Sephora Paris. Diane arrived just before noon in a Fiat 500 wrapped in signature gold pebbles with the words “Be the woman you want to be!” scribbled across the back windshield.

Clad in a black and gold fragrance inspired wrap dress and accompanied by French actress Clotilde Courau, renowned television host Mademoiselle Agnès, and Chinese artist Yi Zhou, Diane smiled and waved as cameras flashed and passersby lingered.

The stop was the first on a whirlwind fragrance tour set to continue on to Madrid, Lisbon, Warsaw and Milan.

When the dancing was done, the group continued to the Sephora Flagship on the Champs-Élysées, where Diane greeted fans, sampled DIANE the fragrance and signed autographs.

Just across the Seine, as the Fiat sped away, the Eiffel Tower stood tall, as enduring a symbol of Paris as the wrap dress is of the DVF brand.


CBS Morning Show

On the CBS Morning Show Sunday, May 22, Diane discussed the journey of the wrap dress from the very beginning with CBS’ Anthony Mason.

“The success of that dress has taught me everything I know – about design, about women, about life,” she said.

She also explained the DVF’s exciting new tabletop and bedding collection -  DVF Home !

Read the entire recap here.


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