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The Rehearsal Dinner Dress

We don’t mean to be alarmist, but while you’re planning (stressing) that rehearsal dinner speech, don’t forget that what you wear matters, too. Let’s start with the shoes: go for a very high heel that lends confidence and is secure—this is no time for a slingback to slip off! As for the dress, we love the romance of a floral lace, but make sure it’s a modern one, so it doesn’t feel bridal. A bright color may be tempting, but in this case we’re all for black: it won’t show drips from the glass of wine you had before the speech, or any evidence of the hors d’oeuvre your new bff the flower girl dropped squarely in your lap. Added benefits of this particular LBD: the slightly flared skirt is universally flattering, and the v-neck shows off your neckline and works with your favorite jewelry, but isn’t scandalously low. For your finishing touches, remember you were invited to be a bridesmaid, not a wallflower! Dazzle with a gold clutch that will go with your wedding look, petite earrings and, for your touch of color, a bold and fabulous coral cuff.


¡Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Jane Coxwell’s cookbook, Fresh Happy Tasty, was aptly named; her recipes (Diane’s favorites!) are always bursting with fresh, green herbs. So when we turned to her for a last-minute Cinco de Mayo (or Derby weekend) cocktail, it’s no surprise she mixed beautiful greenery with champagne to make one very potent punch!

Tequila, Lime and Jalapeño Cocktail

Serves 1
This is one festive drink. These measurements are for one serving but this is cocktail is definitely for sharing so just multiply according to your guests.

1 shot of ice cold tequila (I used Patron)
1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lime juice
1 teaspoon of agave nectar
1 tablespoon of roughly chopped cilantro
A couple of slices of jalapeño chili
1 cup of good quality sparkling wine

Mix the tequila, lime juice, agave nectar, chili, and cilantro in a glass and stir vigorously. If you have a cocktail shaker, shake with some ice and pour into a glass. Then add the sparkling wine.

Put your glasses in the freezer for a few minutes before using to keep the drink really cold and fresh.


Festival Dressing (Coachella tickets optional)

Whether your weekend will be spent living off watermelon in the Palm Desert or catching up on Broad City is completely irrelevant here. Fashion influenced by the music pilgrimage is just part of summer, so here’s your all-in-one packing list/guide to pulling off the trend.
The Record Collection: Your Airbnb has a record player, and who knows what kind of vinyl. Come prepared with prior festival headliners that everyone will love (think AC/DC, Madonna) to get in the mood. Or, if you’re staying home, pick up some Guns N’ Roses, turn the volume to 10 and you’ll get the same general feel.
The Fringe Carryall: This crossbody bag has room for your wallet, camera, sunglasses, another pair of sunglasses, and a water bottle. Plus tons of boho fringe for an easy look all summer long. For Coachella-level fringe quantities, a tassel charm is an approved addition.
The Sunglasses: Obviously sun protection is a must. These shades will also hide your heat-induced mascara melt from everyone’s Snapchats.
The Boho Dress: Every weekend getaway – actually, make that every weekend – needs at least one knockout look. Go full bohemian with this off-the-shoulder dress in a nature-inspired print that’s perfect for festival kickoff parties, and your best friend’s rooftop birthday.
The Day Look: For daytime at the festival, we’ll just remind you they’re forecasting 94 degrees. Go for white pointelle and cotton separates to stay and look cool.
The All Day Sandals: An espadrille platform lends the comfort, while gold leather ties add the flair. If these survive the fields, they’re sure to become your go-to pair for carrying on festival style all summer long.


Color Story:

April’s new arrivals revolve around a rich coral hue straight from the ocean. That is, after all, what happens when you give a designer inspired by nature an underwater camera! Our favorite Emerson romper is refreshed in the summer-ready shade, or for just a touch, an effortless slide sandal and new aviator bring color to tee shirts and jeans. Continuing that under-the-sea theme in a wearable, modern way, the texture of a starfish has been reimagined in abstract prints on the bias-cut Dita slip dress and our breezy Baylee tank—essential summer styles all brought to life by one brilliant hue.



Find Your Swim Style

Our swim collection is filled with effortless pieces that evoke sun-kissed moments in Malibu, Ipanema, Positano, Mustique… But let’s be honest: finding a swim style that’s all you, and works for your body, is an integral part of a carefree beach season. Our vintage flower power print is a standout on flattering, confident swim silhouettes like the DVF Capri one-piece with cut out details and the petite DVF Amalfi triangle bikini, both in a high-quality Italian fabric with 4-way stretch for comfort and wearability (Read: You won’t be tugging it back into place). Match your suit style to a peekaboo coverup in hand washed Indian cotton lace, whether it’s a classic tunic or a playful romper, and finish the look with your perfect shades, just for safe sunning—you won’t be hiding in these looks!


Get Away:
The Packing Guide

Let’s be honest: by the time you’re en route to your grown-up spring break in Sayulita/Rio/Bali/The Maldives, you already have a mental photo list going: balcony of your adorable boutique hotel, colorful local street. And you’ll be wearing… well, nothing you’ve already worn will do, so we’ve built a packing list ready for any spring getaway. First, let’s talk accessories: when it comes to jewelry and sunglasses, bigger is better! Vacation style is all about going bold. Layer on bangles, a necklace and earcuffs, with angular black sunglasses that will go with any look. Separates in textured cotton are light, practical and flattering (plus, pants are sunburn-proof!), paired with an exotic flat. Last but not least, be sure to carry a scarf for styling or an evening breeze, and a chic set of bags to keep your travel essentials picture-perfectly arranged on the go.


Build Your Brunch Look

So you’re saving up for your spring getaway, but your college roommate is coming to town, your best friend just got a promotion, and the weather is (finally) beautiful. Basically, it’s brunch season. Our favorite meal for catching up requires an easy look that still says you have everything under control. For the classic girl, a white pullover with gold lace accents and delicate sleeves pairs nicely with a slim indigo jean, subtle jewelry and chic clear shades. Our favorite downtown crossbody, the LES bag, is a versatile and polished finish in tan. For a colorful take on those same silhouettes, swap for an LES in fire orange and a playful printed-and-lace sweater with a high-waisted black jean. Add square black sunglasses and angular jewelry before you head out to your date. After hugs, coffee and major updates, be sure to order the frittata—we hear it’s great.


The Statement Boot for Fall

These boots were made for turning heads, in luxurious, deep red python. A favorite shape of Diane’s, with a rounded toe and straight heel, the Gladyss is the essential statement boot for fall that’s perfect with black jeans and a long blazer or the Lillian, our favorite desk-to-dinner staple. Taking a bit of inspiration from supermodel Karlie Kloss, we’re finishing this look with Harper shades and a go-anywhere DVF Secret Agent tote.


Desk to Dinner:
The Catherine Shirt Dress

Call us obsessive, but we’re still in a New York Fashion Week state of mind, with our morning inspiration coming from the style we’ve been seeing on and off the runway. Sky high heels are, of course, in order, as well as glamorous shades and our petite Secret Agent bag. And as Friday date night approaches, we’re channeling none other than Victoria Justice, who arrived at the after party for our show in a fresh polka dot shirt dress. In a midi length that’s great for the office, with sheer sleeves and a ruffled skirt to add a flirty intrigue, the Catherine is a true go-anywhere style.


Coffee With Joffe:
Jessica on Interview Etiquette

Spoiler alert! Each week, DVF Style Editor Jessica Joffe is debriefing Sunday night’s episode. Read more for her take on all the latest drama, but be sure to catch Episode 1 first! 

House of DVF is back and it seems like only yesterday that I was admonishing an entirely different gaggle of girls for just about everything they did or didn’t do. And here we are again, with a new round of bright eyed (in some case, extremely bright eyed: I’m talking to you, Leigh) and bushy-tailed gals who will stop at nothing (except a phone call from Diane’s office) as they fight their way toward becoming our brand ambassador. I was hoping I’d scared them all off but evidently this is a hardy troupe, or they didn’t do enough research, because they’re in for a bumpy ride.

Let’s see: there’s Cat, the first gal I meet. Sexy and confident— though one might also say a little hubristic. She was nervous and skittish but also quick to suggest that without her help, Diane’s business was in trouble. I recognized a sharp and stylish girl with huge ideas for and of herself and not as clear of an idea of how these ideas might become reality. I liked her. Following Cat, I meet Maytee: as sweet as honey, determined as well as naïve about the fashion business. She brings a gigantic book filled with her college degrees, tears and inspirational imagery. Although neither girl behaves how I might suggest you would in a job interview, I am delighted by both of them. They were both fashion aficionados, and in Cat’s case, already several years into a career of her own making. Of course when I saw what Stefani had to contend with I was relieved but also jealous. I wish someone had brought a jacket instead of a resume to my interviews! Truly bonkers. (Little did I know what was waiting for us in LA…). Chantal’s decision to leave Vogue is an interesting one. It traditionally isn’t the gateway drug to other positions, but the ultimate prize. So I was impressed by her choice to leave her job and vie for one she might not even get. That said, I’d like to recommend everyone stop crying for a few minutes, please. This is ridiculous. It’s a job interview. Why should that elicit tears?! Also, I understand that we love our mothers but that really doesn’t give one license to start blubbering. Mercifully, Stefani is kinder than I am. And both Stefani and Diane are kindly ignoring that I had given myself mini bangs for the season.

It’s an experiment for us to bring total newbies into our fashion show, which is always fraught with so many last minute emergencies. And it’s testament to our candidates that they mostly managed to stay out of everyone’s way and already represent DVF well with little more than marching orders from Stefani and me. I feel badly for Chantal because she is, in fact, extremely ill with food poisoning that day and not at all play-acting, and it’s interesting to see that her competitors are already conspiring against her, interpreting her behavior with paranoia rather than compassion. Our male candidate Jeremy is nowhere to be found and I can’t gauge whether he’s doing any work or how well he’s doing it. Maybe he’s being undermined. My run-in with him is about as awkward as it gets as I tend to use a pair of heels and a long hallway as an excuse to brush up on my cat-walking. There hasn’t been a single opportunity for me to put it to use in over a decade.

The gang does surprisingly well, setting the tone for a season in which we can hopefully move beyond the rudimentary. Our boy Friday gets eliminated and remains about as graceful as a person on this program has ever been by sending Diane flowers the very next day. I am not worried about him at all. Since it’s Oscar week, I immediately jet off to LA to begin dressing starlets for the week of parties leading up to the big show.  It’s a fun time to be in LA—as Diane’s son-in-law likes to say “my favorite national holiday.” Diane’s house (more like a retreat) is the epicenter of all fun events, lunches, and brunches and dinners and screenings. It’s hard not to plot about crawling into a hidden bedroom somewhere on the property and squatting there forever. But time waits for no one, and Stefani and I have to spend a day interviewing more candidates. We do this at my favorite pig-out spot, the Palm. What the camera gently avoids is my finishing a whole plate of desserts while we talk to girl after girl. Stefani doesn’t even let a berry pass her lips. I’m not even ashamed. Wow-fit girl was fantastic, and I may steal that expression, but as soon as Leigh, Hanna Beth and Alli walk in we know we’re rounding out our group perfectly. Allie belts “Proud Mary” and I love her on the spot. I couldn’t care less in that moment how she’s dressed. No one does. HB is incredibly shy, almost shaking as she sits down in front of us, but Stefani and I both know there’s a ton of spirit underneath that doe-eyed exterior so we’re willing to take the chance. When we throw her into the mix the next day at the store, she doesn’t disappoint. It’s going to be a task to get her to come out of her shell, but come out of it she must.

The girls first styling gig is a little taste of what’s to come: put eight girls into one room and their collective brain cell count shrinks to sixteen. It was true chaos and I was surprised to see them all look civilized at the end of that chaotic experience. Rachel is one of the great mentors, and her sunny demeanor melts the coldest of hearts. I’m getting a sense of how the girls stack up against one another and who’s going to stir up the most trouble. I’m happy that three of my favorite candidates are all heading to NY soon and I can’t wait to see how Alli is going to dress for the weather. Stay tuned for next week and remember: always have a resume on hand and keep everything else at home.


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