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Coming Soon:
Our Third NYC Shop!

We’re thrilled to announce DVF’s third New York City location… on Thursday, March 26 we are opening our doors at Brookfield Place! We invite you all to celebrate the occasion with treats and champagne all day and a visit from our Global Brand Ambassador, Brittany Hampton, from 6-8pm.*

To further fête downtown’s newest destination, we’re sharing some of our favorite spots in the area. So mark your calendar for a downtown day on March 26, and in the meantime, follow us on Twitter at @DVFBrookfieldPl.

Urban Archaeology
Art Nouveau lamps, art deco railings, one-of-a-kind clocks… this is the perfect spot to find salvaged and original treasures to create an elegant, eclectic space.

The Mysterious Bookshop
We’d come in for the name alone, but a charming shop and 35 years of expertise in mystery books and periodicals, first editions and rare editions certainly doesn’t hurt.

The Odeon
A true New York City classic, everyone from Andy Warhol to Lorne Michaels has been a regular–for good reason. Stop in for the Niçoise, a glass of wine, and the people watching of course!

Champagne, treats, and sunny décor. What’s not to love about Alli Webb’s blowout bar? Make a quick stop here between a new look from DVF and dinner with the girls.

Pier 25 – Hudson River Park
Between hiking, swimming and sailing, Diane is always inspired by the outdoors. This park is a sweet escape within the city with lawns, games, and a perfect river view.

Tribeca Film Center
This community center for filmmakers also hosts the annual Tribeca Film Festival. Prepare to be moved, entertained and inspired from April 15-26 (but get your tickets now)!

DVF Brookfield
We’re new to the neighborhood! Our third New York City shop is the best place in Lower Manhattan to explore our ready-to-wear and accessories collections.



My Blue Heaven

We love the world through the eyes of Natalie Joos: witty, unexpected and always with a vintage twist. The stylist extraordinaire took our Spring Collection to L.A., where she found herself some It girls and fabulous locales and started snapping away. Over the next few weeks we’ll be revealing Natalie’s gorgeous, sun-soaked images, so check back, and read more about the shoot, inspiration, and tips for wearing these Spring styles now.

Tell us about your inspiration for the shoot.
The inspiration started with the clothes. Diane and her team had envisioned this collection in Saint-Tropez. It was for the fun, chic and relaxed girl on the French Riviera. Names like Brigitte Bardot came to mind and I felt it had something ‘50s too. Since I was going to be in Los Angeles, I imagined this collection could work very well in a pastel-colored environment, with a retro twist. When my producer showed me the Pink Motel, I know we had to shoot there. The rest was all improv.

And how did you decide on the girls?
I always have my ear on the ground for the new It girls. In each city I visit and want to shoot, I find out from reliable resources, in this case one of my previous muses and local LA girl, who the cool kids on the block are. Then I do my research online and on Instagram and start to form my own image of them. Z Berg looked really fun and photogenic and I loved the fact that she was in a band. She suggested to shoot with her friend Paige, a very pretty girl who happens to be dating one of Z’s exes. I loved the organic nature of the process. As soon as we spoke on the phone I knew we’d have fun together. They had the right kind of energy and enthusiasm.

What about the Spring Collection drew you to an old hotel in LA?
We had a lot of different ideas before we landed on the hotel. We thought about a house with a pool, or the beach, or the Venice canals. But in the end we thought the colors would pop best at the Pink Motel. For me the collection has a retro feel, a little bit ‘60s at times, sometimes ‘70s, and I thought it worked well against an old pastel backdrop like that. It would also give the shoot that Cali feeling.

How does New York vintage differ from California vintage?
California vintage is more grunge and bohemian. New York is a little bit more structured I would say. But in the end every vintage store caters to the same customer. We all love old things and we wear them all over the world.

What was your favorite piece to work with?
I am really smitten with the little bralets. They’re so pretty and sexy!

Diane loves an unexpected twist, and your work seems to capture that so well. What can you tell us about the art of the unexpected?
In order to keep people interested you have to keep changing and moving forward. People get so bored of repetition. They want to be surprised, or shocked, or simply amazed. I am not a fan of the banal. I am always looking for new ways to not only inspire myself but also others. Fashion is about experimenting and about having fun. And if you want to keep people’s attention, you have to keep them on their toes.

Travel is such a frequent part of your work…what are your travel essentials? 
I am a little bit of a travel expert now, I think. Packing happens on autopilot. Foremost I need earplugs! Can’t sleep without them. A moisturizing mask. A good book. My favorite sunglasses. My running shoes and gear.

Finally, for those of us for whom Spring has arrived but it’s still freezing, any tips on how to wear the things we love now?
The key is cashmere, on your bare skin. It should be your first layer: a tight fitting cashmere long sleeve T-shirt. I guarantee nothing gets through. I wore a white one under my Spring shirt for the DVF show, and it became super ‘70s like that. I wore “summer” pants during the Fall shows but I wore wool tights under them. Always a hat, to prevent your body from cooling down. Gloves. And at least 3 layers.
Winter doesn’t get to me at all.


The Inspiration:
Diane on Seduction

What was the inspiration behind the collection?

It is always about a woman and this collection is called Seduction…by day, she commands her world and by night, she inspires fantasy !

What are a few of your favorite looks?

I love the pinstripe power dress with the soft chiffon top underneath…and the Catherine dress with its ruffled chiffon skirt…there is a great romper with lace paneling detail under a little smoking jacket. I love them all !

How would you describe the prints and colors of the collection?

Well, it is all about the masculine and feminine, the yin and the yang, the unexpected twist, so the focus is really when tweed meets lace. And even the tweed, it is in this colorful confetti print and you can do it on soft chiffon, so it is not really what you think of tweed. And the lace is very sexy on slip dresses for evening, on little rompers. The palette is grounded in black and ivory with shades of red to give it that edge. There is also a bold cosmic blue. The key print is a floral daze and it is beautiful on long chiffon gowns, or something as simple as a chiffon top with a little twist detail.

What is the key accessory?

The Double Agent bag encompasses the whole collection…it is chic and structured, with the most beautiful shape, but it has a sexy little envelope on the outside that zips right off…it is really a double agent of a bag…it’s a solution and a best friend !


Jessica Joffe’s New and Improved Fashion Week Survival Guide

Without so much as a polite warning, Fashion Month seems once more to be upon us. Gird your loins because this thing won’t stop until you’re all mincemeat – attractive and sartorially evolved mincemeat, but mincemeat nonetheless. Fashion always wins. Instead of running away to a foreign country or that part of your apartment that has no phone reception, here are a few essential items you can actually fit into one bag (our Voyage Foldover Pochette!) that will ensure you glide through the next few weeks without so much as ruffling one feather.

Since your face will do most of the talking (you’ll never have time to take off every single coat, hat, scarf, glove before the show is over) make sure it’s in peak condition. The day before the your first fashion day stay home for at least 15 minutes, cover your Number 1 asset with this clay Bliss mask, take 4-12 selfies, LOL to yourself, and clean it off. You will probably compromise your entire bathroom in the process, but it’s worth it. Dab this simple, nourishing Kate Somerville Age Arrest eye cream anywhere in the vicinity of your peepers and go to bed early (slash watch Netflix all night). Before you leave the house the next morning, prime your skin with this magical Tom Ford primer (I have it on authority that Tom himself grinds opals, diamonds, pearls and sunshine into this potion) and cover up your red winter nose with this invisible Chanel concealer. After carefully studying at least 7 Youtube tutorials, apply a few swooshes of Kevin Aucoin contouring powder in tandem with his highlighter and you’re ready to go.

When everyone asks you about your new glow, tell them you only just got back from St Barths and this racket is just so exhausting, and you’re through with city life. Take a croissant out of your bag and eat it with maximum crust spillage so you can pick the crumbs off your lap in place of talking to anyone else.

I never advocate a lot of makeup since we are all more or less perfect as it is, but everyone needs at least four different lipsticks in their bag and the aforementioned Mr. Aucoin knows exactly what a girl wants: red, magenta, purple and pink. Layer the colors, switch them out, use them as a pen to take copious notes: these colors are as versatile as they come. But remember to lick your lips before you take your Kor shot: a little bullet of raw, cold-pressed organic ginger, lemon and cayenne juice, or a coconut, lemon and turmeric version. I like to have at least four per day, but my tooth enamel would suggest otherwise.

To keep your cool, these candy-colored healing crystals may or may not do the trick. If anything they are a good conversation starter (or ender, depending on whom your seated next to) so bring them along to manage your chi. Another very constructive activity is to bring a book and read between shows, or while you’re waiting for your FROW seatmates to arrive. I like a little bit of Italo Calvino myself, but it could really be anything, Winnie the Pooh or See Spot Run are equally effective.

Finally, if you, like me, are running out of outfit options by Day 3: sunglasses, phone cases and statement jewelry can always be switched out and are wonderfully distracting. No one will notice that you’ve been wearing the same black turtleneck since January.


Wrap of the Moment:
the Irina

Spirited and fresh, the Irina is a sweet addition to the wrap dress family. With a jersey top and light chiffon skirt, the Irina emerges in a flash of twinkle cobalt or this geometric spray featuring dots of candy colors. Contrast the Irina’s movement with a strong stiletto and an oversized clutch in our shade of the moment, aubergine.


September 2014

Olivia Palermo was recently spotted on the streets of NYC in our leather wrap dress, styling it with a white collared shirt for a chic and polished look.For a touch of glamour, she added our favorite Haley Studded Sunglasses, the same style Daria Werbowy wore in our Fall 2014 ad campaign.
Meanwhile, we’re happy to announce that sweater weather is here at last! Bella Thorne looked lovely in lace running errands in her DVF Doreen sweater.


Wrap of the Moment:
the Roma

In a flash, with the city skyline as the backdrop and St. Vincent as the soundtrack, gold became the go-to shade for Fall 2014. One of our favorite gilded pieces is the Roma, a dramatic mix of textured mesh and lace in a classic wrap silhouette. This dress, which made its gala debut on Sarah Jessica Parker, is our definition of celebratory. Be sure to add a pointed pump like Sarah Jessica. And a clutch–in gold, of course–is the perfect final touch!


In Conversation:
Kilo Kish

Just because we love staying au courant with the latest new summer hits, we caught up with the lovely and talented rapper Kilo Kish to get the deets on her new rustic, on-the-road music video “Begin Route”—a new DVF favorite. Check out the video and read along for Kish’s inspiration, her summer past-times and the prints she is loving now.

Tell us a little more about the inspiration behind “Begin Route”? 

It’s basically a redo of the cross-country drive me and my boyfriend did last summer. It’s the basis for the project. The “Across” EP is sequenced like a road trip, so our main focus in the intro video was setting the stage for that.

What made you go from being a city girl in “Navy” to a desert girl in “Begin Route”?  

Well, I was inspired by my move to Los Angeles and the trip we took. We picked the west because the majority of our drive was in the south west and everything kind of looked dry and dusty on the roads.

Can you talk a little bit about the fashion in your new video? What was the inspiration? 

I just kind of stuck as close to my personal style as possible, very preppy, and tried to mix in super American vibes.

What is your favorite summer print at the moment?  

I love gingham and plaids.

Any go-to summer restaurants? 

I like sushi in the summertime because it’s light. I love Murakami on Melrose in LA. I also love sitting outside at Goldie’s.

What’s your favorite NYC museum and why?

I like the Whitney because it always has interesting exhibits and isn’t too overwhelming to conquer.

How would you spend your ideal summer day? 

Making a good healthy lunch, having Pinkberry, playing mini golf and then swimming and reading by a pool.

And what are you reading? 

I’m reading and rereading “The Subterraneans” by Jack Kerouac.

What is in your everyday summer bag/purse? What can’t you leave the house without? 

I keep just the basics (wallet, keys, phone) and then maybe a NARS lip gloss. Some cat eye sunnies as well.

What is your summer must-have? 

I love a cheetah print backpack! It would be cute with cutoff shorts for the summer. And with cat eye sunglasses!


Jessica’s Picks:
The Beauty Edit

It was only a few weeks ago that I admonished you to pack and live lightly. Well, dear readers, today I come with good tidings. There is one exception. BEAUTY PRODUCTS! All that extra room in your bags you didn’t know what to do with? Fill it with all your cosmetic sundries!

Here are the essentials I can’t live without this summer. And nor should you.


Jumping in and out of the pool or the ocean and constant exposure to the sun requires extra gentle care. Bumble and Bumble has just released their new line of Invisible Oil products. Sulphate-free, nourishing, and UV filtering, the shampoo and conditioner will clean your filthy locks without stripping them. Spray a little Ocean Mist from the wonderful Swedish line Sachajuan onto your hair while it’s still wet to get that effortless beach hair. Even if you haven’t seen the ocean yet this summer, you can fake it perfectly with this spray. Once a week, throw on the Sachajuan Hair After the Sun treatment to make sure you’re really in the clear.


Don’t tell me you’re clean just because you spend all day in the water! Make sure to rinse off all that chlorine and sand at the end of the day with Jo Malone’s Nectarine and Honey Blossom Shower Gel. Even if you never actually leave the city, you can still smell like you did by dousing yourself in Bobbi Brown’s classic Beach Body Oil, which magically smells like sunsets, sunblock, sand and seawater. I like to layer light perfumes, and Jo Malone’s Earl Grey and Cucumber goes beautifully with Tom Ford’s Mandarino di Amalfi. I won’t penalize you for keeping it simple and choosing just one perfume. I accept that most of you do not want to smell like a walking pitcher of citrus iced tea.


The first, second and third thing you need to know about summer beauty is: sunblock, sunblock, sunblock! And I’m not just yelling at you because I’m pale as a sheet and always in danger of burning myself to a crisp. Start your day by rinsing off the residual and pore clogging sunblock from the day before with Bobbi Brown’s Extra Bright Advanced Foaming Cleanser. Layer on La Mer’s Broad Spectrum SPF 50 UV Protecting Fluid first, add some coverage and MORE SPF with Estée Lauder’s DayWear BB Crème. Don’t forget your eyes. All that squinting in the sun, drying AC and salt water can really do a number on the skin around your peepers, so cover them liberally with Lancome’s Absolue Eye Serum morning and night. The gold bottle also looks really good casually taking up space on your vanity. Like the delicate skin around your eyes, don’t neglect your lips. Always have a jar of Aerin’s Rose Balm nearby. There are 350 rose-petals in each jar. Not literally, but each petal has been methodically divested of its essence. That’s a lot of rose petals. Smells delicious too.


Summer is a time for minimal makeup, but that doesn’t mean you can’t supplement your natural beauty just a touch. We know our own faces very well — we know what we’d prefer to hide, what we like to play up— so this life-saving Shade and Illuminate compact by Tom Ford should be in everyone’s arsenal if it isn’t already. Create shadows with the bronzer, reflect light with the highlighter, create contours where there were none, soften hard edges where there are too many: the possibilities are endless! You may not need anything else. Although… a little cheek colour, like the Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess crème blush will always give a happy flush. And, of course, I like to carry at least four different lip colours with me: Tawny Pink by Tom Ford is a useful, universally flattering sheer colour, and you can’t go wrong with multiple candy shades of Nars lip gloss. Add subtle shine to your eyelids with the neutral and appropriately named Blush Sweetness palette, plump up your eyelashes with the Lancôme Oscillation Powerbooster. A tiny little motor in the wand really goes to town on your lashes, which may be what I like most about it. Don’t forget a little translucent powder, like this pretty astrological Estée Lauder compact. No one is immune to shine, especially in the heat.

Just please, promise me to take everything off at the end of the day! Never sleep in your makeup. Cover yourself in Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair instead and thank me later.


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