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The Inspiration:
Diane on Seduction

What was the inspiration behind the collection?

It is always about a woman and this collection is called Seduction…by day, she commands her world and by night, she inspires fantasy !

What are a few of your favorite looks?

I love the pinstripe power dress with the soft chiffon top underneath…and the Catherine dress with its ruffled chiffon skirt…there is a great romper with lace paneling detail under a little smoking jacket. I love them all !

How would you describe the prints and colors of the collection?

Well, it is all about the masculine and feminine, the yin and the yang, the unexpected twist, so the focus is really when tweed meets lace. And even the tweed, it is in this colorful confetti print and you can do it on soft chiffon, so it is not really what you think of tweed. And the lace is very sexy on slip dresses for evening, on little rompers. The palette is grounded in black and ivory with shades of red to give it that edge. There is also a bold cosmic blue. The key print is a floral daze and it is beautiful on long chiffon gowns, or something as simple as a chiffon top with a little twist detail.

What is the key accessory?

The Double Agent bag encompasses the whole collection…it is chic and structured, with the most beautiful shape, but it has a sexy little envelope on the outside that zips right off…it is really a double agent of a bag…it’s a solution and a best friend !


Jessica Joffe’s New and Improved Fashion Week Survival Guide

Without so much as a polite warning, Fashion Month seems once more to be upon us. Gird your loins because this thing won’t stop until you’re all mincemeat – attractive and sartorially evolved mincemeat, but mincemeat nonetheless. Fashion always wins. Instead of running away to a foreign country or that part of your apartment that has no phone reception, here are a few essential items you can actually fit into one bag (our Voyage Foldover Pochette!) that will ensure you glide through the next few weeks without so much as ruffling one feather.

Since your face will do most of the talking (you’ll never have time to take off every single coat, hat, scarf, glove before the show is over) make sure it’s in peak condition. The day before the your first fashion day stay home for at least 15 minutes, cover your Number 1 asset with this clay Bliss mask, take 4-12 selfies, LOL to yourself, and clean it off. You will probably compromise your entire bathroom in the process, but it’s worth it. Dab this simple, nourishing Kate Somerville Age Arrest eye cream anywhere in the vicinity of your peepers and go to bed early (slash watch Netflix all night). Before you leave the house the next morning, prime your skin with this magical Tom Ford primer (I have it on authority that Tom himself grinds opals, diamonds, pearls and sunshine into this potion) and cover up your red winter nose with this invisible Chanel concealer. After carefully studying at least 7 Youtube tutorials, apply a few swooshes of Kevin Aucoin contouring powder in tandem with his highlighter and you’re ready to go.

When everyone asks you about your new glow, tell them you only just got back from St Barths and this racket is just so exhausting, and you’re through with city life. Take a croissant out of your bag and eat it with maximum crust spillage so you can pick the crumbs off your lap in place of talking to anyone else.

I never advocate a lot of makeup since we are all more or less perfect as it is, but everyone needs at least four different lipsticks in their bag and the aforementioned Mr. Aucoin knows exactly what a girl wants: red, magenta, purple and pink. Layer the colors, switch them out, use them as a pen to take copious notes: these colors are as versatile as they come. But remember to lick your lips before you take your Kor shot: a little bullet of raw, cold-pressed organic ginger, lemon and cayenne juice, or a coconut, lemon and turmeric version. I like to have at least four per day, but my tooth enamel would suggest otherwise.

To keep your cool, these candy-colored healing crystals may or may not do the trick. If anything they are a good conversation starter (or ender, depending on whom your seated next to) so bring them along to manage your chi. Another very constructive activity is to bring a book and read between shows, or while you’re waiting for your FROW seatmates to arrive. I like a little bit of Italo Calvino myself, but it could really be anything, Winnie the Pooh or See Spot Run are equally effective.

Finally, if you, like me, are running out of outfit options by Day 3: sunglasses, phone cases and statement jewelry can always be switched out and are wonderfully distracting. No one will notice that you’ve been wearing the same black turtleneck since January.


Wrap of the Moment:
the Irina

Spirited and fresh, the Irina is a sweet addition to the wrap dress family. With a jersey top and light chiffon skirt, the Irina emerges in a flash of twinkle cobalt or this geometric spray featuring dots of candy colors. Contrast the Irina’s movement with a strong stiletto and an oversized clutch in our shade of the moment, aubergine.


September 2014

Olivia Palermo was recently spotted on the streets of NYC in our leather wrap dress, styling it with a white collared shirt for a chic and polished look.For a touch of glamour, she added our favorite Haley Studded Sunglasses, the same style Daria Werbowy wore in our Fall 2014 ad campaign.
Meanwhile, we’re happy to announce that sweater weather is here at last! Bella Thorne looked lovely in lace running errands in her DVF Doreen sweater.


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