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Desk to Dinner:
The Catherine Shirt Dress

Call us obsessive, but we’re still in a New York Fashion Week state of mind, with our morning inspiration coming from the style we’ve been seeing on and off the runway. Sky high heels are, of course, in order, as well as glamorous shades and our petite Secret Agent bag. And as Friday date night approaches, we’re channeling none other than Victoria Justice, who arrived at the after party for our show in a fresh polka dot shirt dress. In a midi length that’s great for the office, with sheer sleeves and a ruffled skirt to add a flirty intrigue, the Catherine is a true go-anywhere style.


Coffee With Joffe:
Jessica on Interview Etiquette

Spoiler alert! Each week, DVF Style Editor Jessica Joffe is debriefing Sunday night’s episode. Read more for her take on all the latest drama, but be sure to catch Episode 1 first! 

House of DVF is back and it seems like only yesterday that I was admonishing an entirely different gaggle of girls for just about everything they did or didn’t do. And here we are again, with a new round of bright eyed (in some case, extremely bright eyed: I’m talking to you, Leigh) and bushy-tailed gals who will stop at nothing (except a phone call from Diane’s office) as they fight their way toward becoming our brand ambassador. I was hoping I’d scared them all off but evidently this is a hardy troupe, or they didn’t do enough research, because they’re in for a bumpy ride.

Let’s see: there’s Cat, the first gal I meet. Sexy and confident— though one might also say a little hubristic. She was nervous and skittish but also quick to suggest that without her help, Diane’s business was in trouble. I recognized a sharp and stylish girl with huge ideas for and of herself and not as clear of an idea of how these ideas might become reality. I liked her. Following Cat, I meet Maytee: as sweet as honey, determined as well as naïve about the fashion business. She brings a gigantic book filled with her college degrees, tears and inspirational imagery. Although neither girl behaves how I might suggest you would in a job interview, I am delighted by both of them. They were both fashion aficionados, and in Cat’s case, already several years into a career of her own making. Of course when I saw what Stefani had to contend with I was relieved but also jealous. I wish someone had brought a jacket instead of a resume to my interviews! Truly bonkers. (Little did I know what was waiting for us in LA…). Chantal’s decision to leave Vogue is an interesting one. It traditionally isn’t the gateway drug to other positions, but the ultimate prize. So I was impressed by her choice to leave her job and vie for one she might not even get. That said, I’d like to recommend everyone stop crying for a few minutes, please. This is ridiculous. It’s a job interview. Why should that elicit tears?! Also, I understand that we love our mothers but that really doesn’t give one license to start blubbering. Mercifully, Stefani is kinder than I am. And both Stefani and Diane are kindly ignoring that I had given myself mini bangs for the season.

It’s an experiment for us to bring total newbies into our fashion show, which is always fraught with so many last minute emergencies. And it’s testament to our candidates that they mostly managed to stay out of everyone’s way and already represent DVF well with little more than marching orders from Stefani and me. I feel badly for Chantal because she is, in fact, extremely ill with food poisoning that day and not at all play-acting, and it’s interesting to see that her competitors are already conspiring against her, interpreting her behavior with paranoia rather than compassion. Our male candidate Jeremy is nowhere to be found and I can’t gauge whether he’s doing any work or how well he’s doing it. Maybe he’s being undermined. My run-in with him is about as awkward as it gets as I tend to use a pair of heels and a long hallway as an excuse to brush up on my cat-walking. There hasn’t been a single opportunity for me to put it to use in over a decade.

The gang does surprisingly well, setting the tone for a season in which we can hopefully move beyond the rudimentary. Our boy Friday gets eliminated and remains about as graceful as a person on this program has ever been by sending Diane flowers the very next day. I am not worried about him at all. Since it’s Oscar week, I immediately jet off to LA to begin dressing starlets for the week of parties leading up to the big show.  It’s a fun time to be in LA—as Diane’s son-in-law likes to say “my favorite national holiday.” Diane’s house (more like a retreat) is the epicenter of all fun events, lunches, and brunches and dinners and screenings. It’s hard not to plot about crawling into a hidden bedroom somewhere on the property and squatting there forever. But time waits for no one, and Stefani and I have to spend a day interviewing more candidates. We do this at my favorite pig-out spot, the Palm. What the camera gently avoids is my finishing a whole plate of desserts while we talk to girl after girl. Stefani doesn’t even let a berry pass her lips. I’m not even ashamed. Wow-fit girl was fantastic, and I may steal that expression, but as soon as Leigh, Hanna Beth and Alli walk in we know we’re rounding out our group perfectly. Allie belts “Proud Mary” and I love her on the spot. I couldn’t care less in that moment how she’s dressed. No one does. HB is incredibly shy, almost shaking as she sits down in front of us, but Stefani and I both know there’s a ton of spirit underneath that doe-eyed exterior so we’re willing to take the chance. When we throw her into the mix the next day at the store, she doesn’t disappoint. It’s going to be a task to get her to come out of her shell, but come out of it she must.

The girls first styling gig is a little taste of what’s to come: put eight girls into one room and their collective brain cell count shrinks to sixteen. It was true chaos and I was surprised to see them all look civilized at the end of that chaotic experience. Rachel is one of the great mentors, and her sunny demeanor melts the coldest of hearts. I’m getting a sense of how the girls stack up against one another and who’s going to stir up the most trouble. I’m happy that three of my favorite candidates are all heading to NY soon and I can’t wait to see how Alli is going to dress for the weather. Stay tuned for next week and remember: always have a resume on hand and keep everything else at home.


Wear Now:
New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week kicks off today, and with it comes the glamorous, solution-driven dressing that turns jean shorts and sandals into a distant memory. The impending lineup of Studio 54-worthy parties, early morning shows and taxiing all over town means any outfit begins with the perfect black shades and heels. Go modern classic with Diane’s favorite Leah and the new Monica bootie—two items we’ll certainly be living in straight through to spring. And to get out of the house with time for a latte (non-negotiable this time of year!), a stretch leather pencil skirt and croc crossbody bag should stay at the very front of your closet. But there’s still one thing missing! For that essential touch of print and color, a confetti tweed top is eye-catching, versatile and oh-so-chic.


Print of the Moment:
Floral Daze

Elegant, glamorous and inspired by nature, our print of the moment is floral daze, pictured here in the season’s standout shade of lacquer red. In two scales on our fresh Irina wrap dress, floral daze features branches that evoke the first of spring, in a shade that’s ready to warm up those chilly nights. Paired with an equally eye-catching clutch, a bold cuff and suede stilettos, the soft jersey and chiffon Irina is an easy choice for after dark.


Jessica Joffe’s Fall Beauty Guide

I’ve been warning you for months but the end of summer is finally upon us. I agree, this is exactly what I would deem a proverbial Rude Awakening, but there’s nothing we can do now but go in chastened and fully prepared. The temperatures may still be high, but we are marching—or slouching, depending on your constitution— swiftly toward the cooler months, so let’s do our best to face this sudden downturn in our fortunes as staunchly as we can.

Let’s start with our hair. The sun, the chlorine, the wind and the salt have done a number on that stuff growing out of our scalps, and after Labor Day that straw or kelp-like quality we all thought so charming is no longer working for anyone. So start off by washing and conditioning away a multitude of sins with color restoring Sachajuan shampoo and conditioner. That’s Swedish for extremely chic and minimal. While you let it air dry, drizzle a few drops of GM Reverie Milk over it, massage it through the ends and pray. Milk is organic, doesn’t contain sulfates or parabens and has a pleasantly magical effect on all hair types. (While you were in the shower I hope you didn’t forget to cleanse your person. A do-over is mandatory if you didn’t). Why not switch out those summer florals and citruses for Le Labo’s unfathomably seductive Oud shower gel? An autumnal scent if there ever was one. Double up with Oud body lotion as you’re drying off and waiting for your hair to change its personality.

On to your face: what that poor calling card of yours has endured for the last few months! Aside from the elements, you’ve been cementing its pores shut with metric tons of sunblock when you weren’t burning it to a crisp. (I might be projecting). Wash off summer with the calming Kinara cleanser and toner, and then dab a healthy dose of Indie Lee squalane face cream and calendula eye balm on all the parts you’ve been neglecting. Indie Lee is a new line of completely natural and highly effective products that have done wonders on me already.

We are all, of course, naturally perfect enough, but let’s talk about a few gentle enhancements… correct small blemishes and inconsistencies with By Terry’s Cellularose CC Cream and RMS’s “Un” Cover-Up. Use By Terry’s rose-based cream in place of a foundation, and RMS’s concealer around the nasal folds, under the eyes, on the eyelids and around the mouth. Rose-Marie Swift is the legendary makeup artist who created Gisele and Miranda Kerr’s stunning looks and her line of natural, coconut oil-based makeup is good for even the most sensitive skin types as it melts and adjusts to your complexion completely. Her brushes are brilliantly conceived to help this process, but in a pinch your index finger will do as well. Use her beautifully natural lip2cheek shades to get an autumnally stained quality. If you want to maintain some summery shimmer, dust a little Laura Mercier highlighter on your cheek and brow bones. You haven’t worn eye makeup in months, but fall colors like emerald, teal, navy, olive and pewter are so exciting you may just have to. Use Nars’s brand-new Audacious Mascara to open up your eye and By Terry’s Magnet Eye shadow palette. Swipe a line of Laura Mercier’s teal cream eyeliner along your top lashline or Kevyn Aucoin’s black kohl and go to town on the infinite eye shadow combinations; you may choose not to leave the house. Set everything with By Terry moisturizing powder, which contains hyaluronic acid, the most moisturizing ingredient on the market, and if you have the patience and precision, dip the tips of your nails in Jin Soon’s merlot red nail polish for a modern take on the French tip to match your Kevyn Aucoin Bloodroses lip. You’re ready to take a bite out of fall now. 


Hot Topic:
The Myla Dress

In a rich shade of dragon fruit pink, the Myla dress is ready to shake up cocktail hour. All of those glamorous, well-connected attendees, standing around gazing at their phones? They don’t stand a chance of missing this look. Accented by luxe accessories in python, this tank dress, with its curve-hugging seams and deep scoop back, is ready to take on any room.


Operation Multi-Task:
The Bevin Dress

It’s one of those days. Fall is coming but the days are still warm. An important meeting requires polish. A date requires edge. To top it all off, you run into your ex. Good thing the Bevin dress has you covered. A classic sheath with flattering ruching, it exudes effortless sex appeal and also an air of “I can handle this.” Factor in a pair of heels, a simple cuff and glamorous shades, then finish the look with the ultimate accomplice: The DVF Secret Agent. After work, simply unzip the sleek tweed clutch and polished tote turns playful evening bag. Who knew there were so many tricks up those cap sleeves?


Play It Cool:
Must-Have Separates

We’re wild about ethnic collage, one of the key prints of the Pre-Fall season. A stunning mix, it comes in both black and white and a colorful melange, shown here on the Hathaway peasant top. For fall, we’ll pair this chiffon top with a leather pencil skirt, but we just can’t bear to wait! So we’re wearing it now with an essential slim white jean, and our favorite summer accessories: sandals, shades and a flirty pop of color.


Jessica Joffe’s Fourth of July Picks

Whether you’re American, Australian, French, Russian, Icelandic or Cuban (and that’s just a smattering of countries who pledge allegiance to the red, white and blue) this particular tricolore salad may tug at your patriotic heartstrings. And that’s quite aside from how perfectly these three colors go together. I can personally attest to this: between my hair, my eyes and my ghostly pallor, it is incredibly wearable (or unavoidable). Added bonus: worn à trois it will also ensure that no one will be able to guess whether you’ve committed to one or the other political party until you’re safely inside the voting booth next fall.

But put all thoughts of elections aside for a moment and think about this lovely weekend just around the bend, and how many clambakes, boule tournaments and sunset cocktails you won’t have to plan for if you just follow my advice below. Friday night all you need to think about is whether you want to wear this denim and lace wrap dress with shoes or without. I’d vote to save them for another outfit, and wear a set of golden bracelets instead, as the dress needs no extra help. And when you decide to jump straight from deck into the ocean for a midnight skinny dip it comes off in a cinch. Thankfully, you can sleep in and wake up just in time for a spot of pétanque, which you’re naturally going to win. A pair of white shorts, a loose tented red shirt (my favorite silhouette of the season), a touch of festive fringe for good luck and you’re set. Bask in your glory all afternoon in nothing but a bikini and a pair of DVF sunnies, and head back to shore for a clambake in our navy knit shirt dress and caramel platform sandals. Another added bonus: you’ll never find the melted butter stains on this print, so don’t bother with a bib and enjoy the balmy evening.


Now Open:
DVF Manhasset

We are thrilled to announce the July 1 opening of our new boutique at Americana Manhasset on Long Island! In celebration, we’ve been out and about exploring the area. Read on for our local favorites and keep up with us at @DVFManhasset. Plus, on July 1-3 and July 10-12, we’ll have champagne and treats, a raffle and a special gift with purchase, so stop by, shop, and say hello!

Jones Beach State Park
Between hiking, swimming and sailing, Diane is always inspired by the outdoors. This sandy oasis is perfect for a jet-set woman looking to nap off a long flight, or a sunny day of active family fun.

With a modern Pan-Asian menu that was built to share, Toku is the perfect venue for girls’ night. Cocktails and a few courses later, you’ll be all caught up on the latest flavors, gossip and news.

Make a Mediterranean escape to the terrace at Cipollini. With contemporary Italian cuisine and big sun umbrellas to match, this trattoria is the ideal spot for a relaxing midday meal.

NuBest Salon
For 40 years, this family-run salon has been making women feel their best. Make a quick stop here for a manicure or trim between a new look from DVF and dinner with the girls.

Nassau County Museum of Art
An art museum is always top on Diane’s to-do list. For some creative inspiration, spend a quiet afternoon strolling through this mansion-turned-museum’s outdoor sculpture garden.

The Bar Method
Give your body and confidence a boost with this ballet-based workout class. Run by two childhood best friends (and Manhasset natives!), this studio fosters an encouraging environment while getting you toned and fit.

DVF Manhasset
We’re bringing our signature print and color to Americana Manhasset! Our newest shop is the best place on Long Island to discover our full ready-to-wear and accessories collections.


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