Jessica’s Picks: July

July 03, 2014

Yes, dear readers, it’s true what they say. Tomorrow is July 4th. And even though you’ve been stockpiling fireworks since July 5th, 2013 and you’ve finally figured out a way to put all that red and blue food dye to use, I would like us all to reflect on something a little more serious. Summer’s nearly over! We only have 8.5 weeks until Labor Day! Some of us (I’m talking to you, Harvard freshmen) have even fewer weeks. That leaves us with almost no time to do all the things we planned to do.

To recap:
– Watch the World Cup finals in Rio de Janeiro.
-Try not to fall into a food coma after a 29 course meal at Noma in Copenhagen.
-Take the boat to Croatia. Admire the unspoiled Croatian coastline from afar.
-Hitch a ride to see Carey Mulligan and Bill Nighy give performances of your lifetime in David Hare’s Skylight.
-Feed the turtles in Central Park.
-Finish Hilary Mantel’s “Bring Up the Bodies” on the Orient Express.
-Jump off the cliffs at Rishikesh into the healing Ganges.
-Learn to do a handstand on the beach in Amagansett.

Which means, we’re traveling light again, my dears. These six pieces will put you in good stead for the rest of this month at least.

Skip red, white and blue and go for the pink, yellow and leopard end of the spectrum instead.

The magenta silk collarless shirt will brighten up even the tamest wardrobe. Pair it with denim cut offs, a few friendship bracelets by Monica Vinader, and some winged Ancient Greek sandals and you’ll have the world at your feet. The colour is so exuberant that you are almost guaranteed to make four new friends and lovers before you even get to your lunch appointment.

Exchange the cut-offs for our optical black and white pencil skirt— the design optically removes any unwanted dimensions— and these versatile white heels, and head back to work. Kill your pitch meeting, and because you can, run to the plane right from the office and make it to London just in time for curtains up.

The black lace detail on the yellow shell works for a glamorous day look or a casual evening look. With a pair of black cigarette pants and a gold Croon flat, you’ll never be out of place if you get a last minute invitation to join your friends on Lake Como for cocktails. What friends indeed!

Leopard is never out of place anywhere, and this feather leopard print is one of my favourites: the palette is just muted enough and the print just graphic enough for it to work in a multitude of settings. Camouflage with a sun protecting hat from Satya Twena (they have the highest UPF factor available in clothing) and our pair of oversized sunglasses as you board the boat to Formentera. Throw it in your Sutra hobo while you swim, wrap up at sunset, add a rose gold 9-Drop Irene Neuwirth earring and there’s no need to waste any time changing from day to night.

If you have a few more inches of room in your petite valise, my favourite summer dress, and one I wore to the CFDAs, is the Jordan. With a pattern like melted murano glass and an elegantly roomy fit, it is in a class of its own. Day or night, it is the perfect summer dress… you may even be able to climb to the top of the cliff with it, though please take it off before diving in!


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