Journey of a Dress: Coco Rocha

February 18, 2014

In celebration of four decades of the dress that started it all, we’re sending our original chain link wrap dress around the globe! From Chiara Ferragni in Italy to Camila Coutinho in Brazil–and plenty of “it” girls in between–you can keep up with its adventures at #journeyofadress.

We’re kicking off the voyage with Coco Rocha. She’s the ultimate mix of brains and beauty, having gone from a runway model to activist for model health, television star, and blogger. She’s walked down our runway, she’s brought you behind-the-scenes at the Journey of a Dress exhibition opening–now learn more about Coco’s personal style and mantras, and check back to follow the journey of a dress!

Tell us your wrap story.
My mom was a big fan of the wrap dress in her early years and so, as her mini-me, I started out wearing them very young. So young in fact that I can’t even remember the first one! The wrap dress has always been a staple of my wardrobe but it wasn’t until I started modeling at 15 that I really came to appreciate the dress and the lady that started it all, Diane. It’s crazy to me that a dress like the wrap is as timeless today as it was 40 years ago. One day I’ll dress my daughter in her first wrap dress, and I’m sure she’ll dress our granddaughter. That will be our story of the wrap.

Tell us more about your Journey of a Dress story.
February is the shortest but one of the busiest months of the year for me. It usually all starts off with New York fashion week, followed by London, Milan and Paris. This year I’m making a slight detour to Toronto also to visit family. I’m taking wrap dresses with me to every city I visit because they pack small but carry a big punch. You never know what sort of events you’ll be going to when you get off the plane, but the wrap dress is always there ready to come to the rescue. My pictures and video this month will show just how I’m putting the wrap dress to good use over my crazy month…

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is very eclectic. It is a mix of old and new, vintage and modern. I have expensive designer pieces and things I’ve picked up at markets. Luckily in my line of work, I’ve inherited a really interesting wardrobe over the years. I have so many beautiful items designers like Diane have gifted to me over the years. I also have many of my Mom’s jumpsuits and pieces from the 80′s and other vintage, one of a kind garments I’ve bought over the years. I don’t believe in dressing head to toe in any one thing. I pick and choose pieces that mean something to me and have a story to tell.

What does the wrap dress mean to you?
I found it fascinating that this season Diane was inspired by Ballet Russes and that amazing period in history. I was 5 when I started ballet and got my first wrap cardigan. Not long after that came my first wrap dress. It’s interesting to see where the wrap finds its roots, and how Diane has made it a staple of every woman’s wardrobe. I have at least 10 wraps in my closet right now ranging from casual to formal. The amazing thing is, there’s a wrap for every occasion you can imagine.

What is your must-have item this season?
It has been a terrible winter in New York. I love my boots but I really can’t wait to put on a nice open toe shoe this spring. I’m also looking forward to wearing little button down blouses out and about. I think the hippie fringe is making a comeback and I’m sure you’ll see it at all the spring/summer festivals.

Diane loves mantras. Do you have any words that you live by?
One saying I’ve always loved is “It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice.” It is unfortunate that many let fame or success go to their head. It’s not Diane’s mantra but certainly seems like something she lives by.


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