Things We Love: Fox Fodder Farm

February 14, 2014

Celebrate love only once a year? That isn’t nearly enough! We resolve this Valentine’s Day to start treating friends, loved ones—and ourselves—to flowers year round. So we called on Taylor Patterson of Fox Fodder Farm for a little advice. A favorite of the fashion set (she’s done lookbook sets, runway show design, and jewelry designer Pamela Love’s wedding), Taylor focuses on organic, sculptural, fresh arrangements, working with clients to make sure her designs feel personal. Needless to say, her taste isn’t limited to red roses, so no matter your style, see what Taylor has to say about flowers—and her not-to-be-missed Valentine’s Day pop up at downtown boutique Creatures of Comfort.

Everybody’s thinking about a delivery of red roses, but we think it’s just as important to treat yourself!  How do you suggest choosing flowers that reflect your personality?

I think the wonderful thing about flowers themselves is that they don’t so much reflect your personality, but your mood at a given moment. There are times when I’m obsessed by the structure and clean lines of tulips for example. There’s something so elegant about them. And then there are days where I’m really into the weedy wildflowers, or the romantic big blooms like peonies or garden roses. I think the way you arrange the flowers is perhaps the part that reflects your personality. Are you tight and conservative or are you loose and a little wild?

What’s the best way to bring flowers into your home or office year round?

Keep it simple. The average flower shop should have decent selections of simple and classic flowers (like tulips!) year round. Be sure to clean the stems of any excess leaves first. When arranging them, always cut the stems at different heights and then arrange them in the vase stem by stem. Don’t just group them together and shove them in. Allow some room for movement.  Cleaning the stems of leaves will also help them last longer. Also tried and true, if you change the water every day you’ll guarantee they’ll last as long as possible. It’s easy to have flowers all the time, you just have to know how to make sure they last.

Sometimes you’re running to a dinner party and only have time to stop at the corner deli. How can you elevate simple flowers?

Take them out of the plastic first things first. Pull the bottom leaves off and clean up the stems. Ask the salesman to gently wrap the stems with either some raffia or string. Then if he has a plain tissue paper, have him wrap the flowers with the tissue. It’s “safer” to keep the plastic on, sure. Because it’s meant to protect the flowers, but it’s a much nicer gift when they don’t look like you just pulled them straight from the bucket.

You’ve expanded into fragrance, which is also great for Valentine’s Day. Any other suggestions of alternative gifts?

I think Valentine’s Day is the time to give and receive excessive amounts of flowers. Flowers. Flowers. Flowers.

Tell us about your pop up at Creatures of Comfort!

We’re doing a one day flower shop pop up in Creatures of Comfort on Friday! We’ll be selling grab and go hand tied mixed bouquets from 12-7. Pre-orders are available as well by emailing

One of Diane’s mantras is “Love is life.” Do you have any mantras you live by?

Listen. It’s important to listen.


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