Journey of a Costume Designer

January 31, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams are two names on the lips of a lot of people in Hollywood right now, and Costume Designer Michael Wilkinson is no exception. Wilkinson—who is nominated for an Oscar for his work on David O. Russell’s American Hustle—caught up with Vanity Fair’s Krista Smith in Los Angeles this week and dished on dressing two of the hottest leading ladies in the business.  From Lawrence’s unfettered desire for Doritos to that neckline, and custom closets full of designer clothes from the 70’s (we’ll take one of those, please), Wilkinson treated the audience inside the Journey of a Dress exhibition to more than a few stories from behind the scenes.  Our personal favorite, of course, has to do with the vintage wrap dress worn by Amy Adams’ character, Sydney Prosser. Apparently the dress— now on display as part of the exhibition—arrived on set from a vintage shop in the Midwest with a wine stain.  Luckily, since Adams’ character in the film takes clothes that have been left at the dry cleaner, it wasn’t hard to come up with a backstory to justify the stain and the dress stayed in the picture.  As Wilkinson put it, “She didn’t care about the stain because she felt like a million bucks.” That is something we can relate to.

Don’t forget to check out our full interview with Michael Wilkinson! 


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