Natural Beauty
A handmade floral hairpiece straight from the runway, free with any purchase of $400 or more.


Your Exclusive Gift. Receive a handmade floral hairpiece straight from the runway with any $400 purchase (a $48 retail value). One gift per purchase, while supplies last or through Monday, 2/15/16. Offer may vary online and in store. Upon reaching $400 qualifier, gift will be added automatically to shopping cart.


Opening the DVF Spring Show

Model, entrepreneur, cinematographer? Karlie shows off her skills behind the camera in this video for her YouTube channel, Klossy, on opening the DVF runway show, complete with Karlie’s beauty tips, and Diane’s final words to the model lineup before their big walk!


The Back Story:
Spring 2016 Runway Hair

Weeks before models took to the Spring ’16 Runway, Diane was strolling through a market in Ibiza with friend Sarah Jessica Parker, when she stumbled across the work of siempreprimavera. “I had noticed all of the young girls going out at night, with their hair dried naturally and just a few flowers in it,” said Diane. “This is where the flowers were coming from.” Convinced they were just what she needed to complete the Spring runway looks, Diane struck up a conversation with the artists, Cheward and Carmen. She inquired about a large order and pointed to a few rope pieces she liked.  Cheward, who lost his mother earlier this year at the age of 92, explained to Diane that the ones she had chosen were the ones his mother had made. Diane promised to name a dress in the collection for her: Nieves.
“It’s very emotional for us,” said Cheward, who made the trip to New York to deliver the flowers himself and to see his mother’s namesake dress take the runway. They arrived two days before the show and set out creating custom hair pieces for each runway look. And so it was that Karlie Kloss donned the Nieves wrap dress to open the show, with a perfectly crafted bloom tucked behind her ear.
We loved how these hairpieces complimented our Spring styles so much that we went back to Cheward and Carmen after the show. They’ve created more of these beautiful, handmade hairpieces, your exclusive gift with purchase until February 15 while supplies last. See details here.


Print of the Moment:
Floating Flowers

Our floating flowers print is an ode to the Woodstock era and the love of nature that flourished at the time. We have, of course, interpreted it our way on a rich pink background that shines on structured Mikado silk. On this fit-and-flare dress and a ruffle sleeve jacket the print feels super feminine, with a playful bohemian twist. Pair this dress with a nude pump to lengthen the leg and an easy crossbody, like the DVF Mini Secret Agent in gold, or this white satchel that’s coming later in Spring as part of our new Iggy bag collection—stay tuned!


The Goddess of Fortune (Cookies) Backstage at our Spring Runway

In the spirit of the DVF Spring 2016 FORTUNA collection, which was inspired by the Roman goddess of good fortune, top models Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Lily Aldridge and more took a pause backstage between the rush of hair, makeup, rehearsals and more to gain valuable wisdom from their fortune (cookies)!


Small World:
The Mini DVF Secret Agent

From the moment we dreamed up this tiny take on our ultimate accomplice, the Mini DVF Secret Agent has had quite the packed schedule. Runway shows with Karlie Kloss, fashion parties with Katherine Schwarzenegger, dashing around town with Aimee and Dani Song… it quickly became clear that this little crossbody would be going everywhere with DVF girls. That’s why we’ve created a Mini for every moment and style. Classic fabrications like black croc and gold basketweave pair with pumps for the office or a client dinner, while pop colors in luxe embossed ostrich can be styled with straight-from-the-runway heels for studio visits and rooftop parties. With the full zip off clutch functionality of our classic DVF Secret Agent, the Mini is truly the ultimate accomplice for living lightly this spring!


Exclusive Interview:
Karlie on Karlie

What was your first interaction with the DVF brand?
I fell in love with the DVF brand during my first runway show. The beauty of the brand is that everyone feels Diane’s magic whenever they wear the clothes—on or off the runway.

What makes the House of DVF relevant today?
I think House of DVF is relevant to today because it embodies the importance of self-care and self-confidence. When you’re comfortable with being yourself, you’re able to make so much more of life and the relationships you have. It’s always relevant to be grateful, creative, bold and – most importantly – yourself.

The first time you met Diane, what was she doing?
The first time I met Diane was at a casting call—one of my first ever. I was nervous to have a meeting with such an iconic designer and she completely put me at ease with her exuberant smile and kindness. She’s been a very special presence in my life ever since.

How are you the woman you want to be?
My curiosity and desire to continue learning helps me be the woman I want to be.

What inspires you, and how do you inspire?
Learning new things, tapping into my creative side, and helping others inspire me.

What is the most inspiring thing Diane has ever said to you?
Diane once told me that it’s a true privilege and duty to use your voice to help and support people who may not have a voice. Seeing her live this value every day by sharing her platform and giving back is very cool.

My real life Wonder Woman is…
…My mom. She’s is one of the strongest people I know and created so many opportunities for my sisters and me to pursue our passions.

This is your second campaign for DVF, and you have walked for the House for many seasons. How has your relationship with DVF and with Diane evolved over the years?
Diane has been such a powerful figure in my life. She embodies the woman I aspire to be. She’s been an incredible mentor and friend and for as long as I’ve known her, she has supported me and encouraged me to challenge myself in ways I didn’t know were possible.

What’s one new thing you’re in love with right now?
Right now, I’m completely obsessed with the iPad I got as a holiday present. I take it with me everywhere :)

Can you name one woman around you who is working magic?
Christy Turlington Burns. She has figured out how to balance all aspects of life which is truly magic! I respect and admire her so much not only for her career, but also because she was able to go back to school and have a family while founding Every Mother Counts. That women really does it all!

What does it mean to be self-made?
Self-made = some serious hustle.

What inspires you to have no fear?
Ha! Who says I have no fear? When I’m scared, I try to imagine the worst that can happen and often times I realize I can handle it. My family, friends and mentors give me strength to take risks because I know they’ll always be there to support me.

What does #youbeyou mean to you? Why is this rallying cry important right now?
It means be YOU! There is only one of you and we all need to celebrate what makes us different.


#youbeyou — The DVF Spring 2016 Campaign

A celebration of happiness, renewal and the power of confidence, the DVF Spring 2016 campaign stars Karlie Kloss as herself: passionate, unfiltered and in love with life. As Diane and Karlie discuss being one’s best and most confident self, they open the conversation to all women. This is Karlie being Karlie. Now #youbeyou!


Love Diane:
Campaign Inspiration

Spring is about renewal and happiness. This collection started with an image of the first painting I bought for myself: Fortuna, the Roman goddess of fate and fortune, standing in nature surrounded by butterflies and covered in jewels. Representing happiness, color and joie de vivre, for me Fortuna is a woman who is all about freedom and is the master of her own fate. As a brand, our mission is to design and offer women what they want in order to be the best of what they want to be.
As fashion turns its focus to the millennial girls, I very much feel a connection to them. I identify with them because the codes of my brand all come from the time when I was that age, with that spirit. I relate to Karlie, as she relates to me, because she is her own woman. She has a career while she continues to study, she travels, loves her family and has a social conscience. She’s passionate and fearless, she knows who she is and is never afraid to show it… she truly embodies the DVF woman our message, #youbeyou.
Prints have always been our signature and this season you notice them even more as we used them as strong backgrounds. Bold and joyful, the campaign images call attention to the duality you find in any woman, which I believe in celebrating ! Whenever I have a runway show, I always tell the girls: be you, be the woman you want to be. So with this campaign, we are telling every woman: you be you !

Love, Diane


A (Runway) Day in the Life of Karlie Kloss

What goes into a turn down the runway for supermodel Karlie Kloss? Scroll through for a look at Karlie’s runway experience, and read on for what made the DVF show so special for our campaign star. 

Backstage at any show is always exciting and fun. The music is great and the energy is high, but there’s something extra special about walking in DVF’s shows. Her September show was particularly incredible because there was so much love and support in the room. Not only did I get to walk side-by-side with my friends but I also had my family with me backstage. I did my best to give you snippets on Klossy. :)


The Instagirl Moment at DVF Spring 2016

Karlie! Kendall! Gigi! Bella! Jourdan! Irina! Lily! The Instagirls, the ultimate girl squad—whatever their legions of fans are calling them, these young women inspire by working hard, supporting each other, and embracing every moment of their (picture-perfect) lives. Glamorous and on-the-go, they all came together for our Spring 2016 runway show. Scroll through for a look inside the world of these DVF girls!


Self Taught | Self Made

Karlie says, “Self made = some serious hustle.” Take a peek behind the scenes at the DVF Spring 2016 campaign shoot where Karlie shows how much fun she has juggling it all, and being the woman she wants to be! This is Karlie being Karlie. Now #youbeyou!


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