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A Collage of Prints

Continuing with our #DVFCraft series, we delve into the construction and craftsmanship behind our beloved, multi-print Draped Floor Length Dress.

It is often the most divergent prints that coalesce most harmoniously of all. Marrying our custom Curzon, Ampère, and Ferma dot prints, our Draped Floor Length Dress chimes with an irreverently spontaneous woman; a woman with an appetite for adventure, an eye for collecting and gathering mementoes on her travels, and a sensibility for mixing the unexpected with natural ease.

To create this dress, which is complex to cut and yet easy to wear, expert drapers and pattern makers work first using white muslin pattern pieces to create the silhouette of the dress on the mannequin. Unexpected cutouts are factored into the design; the sleeve perfected so that it falls just so; the skirt adjusted for beautiful, generous movement.

Cut on the bias—another design detail that permeates the Spring collection, and a key component of Jonathan’s vision for the brand—the dress falls fluidly on the body, figure-skimming in just the right places to enhance a beautiful, distinctly feminine silhouette.

Next, our skilled in-house designers drape and mix different fabrics to create a collage of prints that complement each other; the design comes to life once it is cut in an amalgamation vibrantly screen printed silk.

Eclectic, bold, and irrevocably modern, this dress combines intricate craftsmanship, vibrant colors, and lively motifs to effortless effect.

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