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Meet Coco Baudelle, the radiant Canadian with a taste for the silver screen.

So, you know about friend goals…get ready to add model and budding filmmaker Coco Baudelle to your list.

Insightful, driven, and as cute as a button—albeit a plush, pink velvety one—Montreal-native Coco gives the word "inspiring" a whole new meaning. When she's not modeling, you can most likely find her working on her screenplay, or else casually reading up on the constitution while enjoying a plate of pasta and a glass of red wine. You see? Our kind of girl.

One early spring morning, we took Coco and some of our most striking, graphic pieces for a spin.

"I tend to feel most confident when I make someone laugh. Otherwise, to feel my best I'll draw a long, skinny wing on the corner of my eyes with black eyeliner—like Priscilla Presley."

"In the past few months, a lot of my friends have become my real-life heroes. Our political situation has brought a lot of us, especially women, closer together. It's the most amazing thing to witness."

"Honesty and drive—the desire to do things—are what I value most in people. I always try to get out of my comfort zone and surprise myself. One time I went to an opening that was pajama-chic themed; no one really went for it, but I wore the most delicate pink satin and lace nightgown. I ended up on the front page of the story in New York Magazine. My mom couldn’t believe it."

"I hope that America in 2037 would tell present-day America the same thing that I would tell my 10-year-old self if I could—that nothing will go as planned and you will have to fight for everything you have and everything you want. But YES, there will come a time when you get over the one who broke your heart. You will wonder how it all happened and you will thank yourself for carrying on through the tears and standing up for yourself. Just never lose sight of what you really want, because what comes after the heartbreak is what will make your heart beat."

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