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Meet Rainey Qualley, the vivacious, exceedingly sharp L.A.-based singer whose star is in the ascent.

Most girls in their 20s would flinch at being referred to as an “old soul.” Not Rainey Qualley—or Rainsford, as she is known in the music world—who welcomes the title with open arms. Then again, the ravishing singer isn’t like most women finding their way in the world. She was raised, first, in Montana and then moved to North Carolina before settling in L.A., where she currently lives with her sister. And somehow, she’s retained the best of both worlds: the warm, down-to-earth air of a country girl, yet with more wit and sarcasm than most NYC natives. After dabbling in dancing and acting, Rainsford is now pursuing her dream of becoming a musician. Soulful and commanding, her music wholly captivates—and, with her latest singles “Too Close” and “Sweetspot,” she’s ventured into more sophisticated territory with a bit of R&B influence.

We took a walk with Soul Artist Management's emerging singer around the streets of New York City.

“I think the ultimate superpower is to have the power of magic. That is, being able to transform yourself, others, and objects as you please, make things appear out of thin air, float, disappear, you name it. But if that sounds like cheating because it’s so broad, then my superpowers of choice would be invisibility, talking to animals, or being able to fly.”

“I’m a big animal lover. I have a puppy called Books, two cats—Myrtle and Wizard—and I just ordered some chickens online. I got an incubator for Christmas and I want to mother some chickens. Outside of music and dance and acting, the thing that makes me most happy in the world is being around animals. I just want to fill my home with them.”

“My dad tells me I’m an old soul—I love it when he says that. Maybe that’s why I’m so nostalgic for my youth—I wish I could extend it for about 20 more years. There are so many places I want to go and things I want to do and I feel time is slipping away so quickly.”

“My bedroom is probably my favorite place to escape to. Laying in my bed, tucked up in my room with a triangular roof that used to be an attic, feels very cozy and relaxing. Even though I don’t get to spend a lot of time at home, I only really get homesick for my pets. I miss them deeply when I’m gone. To help with that, I usually just watch videos of them and have a little cry.”

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