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Our girl Aqua looks traffic-stopping good. Literally.

Girls like Aqua Parios don't come around all that often. Those fine arched feline eyebrows are a great place to start. And the girl has natural rhythm – she can milly rock dance with the best of them, as we discovered.

On an overcast, early spring morning with the tail end of winter still in sight, the Louisiana-born half-African American, half-Japanese model is a gust of fresh, invigorating, summer air—the type you might inhale under a cabana in Santorini, with fresh watermelon juice on tap. Such are her transportive powers – and her commanding way with mixing up our Spring 17 prints – we quite forgot we were in New York for a moment.

"Recently, I haven't let a day go by without cooking; I've actually amassed a pretty impressive collection of cookware. Mind you, I also never let a day go by without listening to Sade."

"I can be spontaneous—especially for the people I love. One time my girlfriend called me and was like, 'I need you to come to L.A.' and I booked a flight and made it there in the same day."

"My grandma's house in Louisiana is without a doubt my favorite place to escape to. It's so calm and peaceful, and there’s such good food and music," the model tells us, proving there is absolutely no limit to how spellbinding one can be.

"Family is everything for me. My younger cousins Mali and Solasse both draw, and I love their drawings. They're really talented. I’m named Aqua because my grandfather wrote the song 'The Sea of Love' in the '50s. His name is Phil Philips."

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