Power and Charm of Sao Paulo

April 12, 2010 by Diane

I always knew about the grandiosity of Rio and the exoticism of Bahia, but it took this trip for me to understand the power and the charm of Sao Paulo!! Maybe it is because Sao Paulo welcomed me like a queen this past week but I now love, love love what many call the capital of South America. Sao Paulo is an enormous city of 40 million, it is a city where people work and make this happen. A cross between New York, Hong Kong and Mexico City where people are as nice as they are beautiful!! And then in the middle of this city where you can find any type of architecture and wonderful vegetation, there is the world of Iguatemi…it is not just a shopping center with incredible shopping, it is a community, a center, a place where people meet, eat, fall in love and grow up!!

I stayed at the Fasano Hotel, a wonderful, elegant boutique hotel where you feel at home and in the “it” place at the same time. The service is great and there is an inside pool on the 21st floor where I did laps every morning! I was very busy with the opening of the first DVF shop in South America, the opening of the exhibition The Journey of a Dress and a lunch at H. STERN for the new Sutra collection. I still managed to walk the park of Ibirapuera and the Oscar Niemeyer auditorium, had lunch at Carlotta, dinner at Mani, do lots of interviews and answer my emails in between. Everyone was so welcoming and loving… all the Jereissati family and its incredible team, the Sterns, Gloria Kalil and all the Paulistas who came to the exhibition, to the shop and followed me on Twitter… I love Brazil, I love Sao Paulo, I love Iguatemi and I miss my friend Hugo who died last summer and is responsible for bringing me there!!!! As they say in Brazil..SAUDADES…love, nostalgia and all!!


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