Behind the Collection with Philip Crangi

August 09, 2013

It all started with the signature Chain Link print. You know the one. Then Diane designed the renowned Sutra bracelet with its distinctive, oversized gold links. Now the chain has come full circle as Diane joined forces with jewelry designer Philip Crangi of Giles & Brother to reinterpret her original design and create an iconic piece of hardware for the new Sutra Collection of handbags and accessories. Its exaggerated scale and jewelry-like detail add a level of sophistication—on a classic hobo, chic mini bags and sleek wallets— that is sexy, bold and SO DVF. To celebrate the debut of the collection, we caught up with Philip to talk jewelry, inspiration, and a few words to live by.

How would you describe your personal aesthetic? And that of your work?

I try to be honest to myself. I think I try to find the truth in materials I use and express that truth in my technique.

When did you first meet Diane and how did you come to work together?

I have known and loved Diane a long time, I first met her more than 20 years ago before my life in fashion. I have always found her so inspiring and it’s a true honor to work with her.

Diane sees jewelry as a very personal thing. How do you view the role of jewelry within a wardrobe?

I too feel that jewelry is the most personal thing a woman can wear. It is jewelry that allows a woman to tell her real style story.

What advice would you give women on how to choose their jewelry?

A woman should feel amazing in her jewelry. If it doesn’t feel like the woman you have always wanted to be- then don’t wear it.

As a jewelry designer, do you approach your work differently when it is going to be part of a handbag collection?

No- it’s the exact same process. I wanted to make something beautiful that functions beautifully.

What was your inspiration when designing the Sutra lock?

Diane was the inspiration behind the Sutra lock! I think the oval shape is such an iconic shape for Diane and I wanted to create something for her that really reflected her personal style into the bags.

How would you describe the result?

I am really happy with the way the Sutra lock came out, I think it adds some of Diane’s glamour to her handbag collection.

Diane is big on mantras. Do you have any words that you live by?

The word I live by is ‘believe.”


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