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July 15, 2013

Rain or shine, Natalie Joos was not to be deterred. The mission?  Raid Diane’s vintage archive and style a shoot for the relaunch of her super chic blog, Tales of Endearment.

Once she chose her favorite pieces, the Belgian-born Casting Agent and Consultant with an unerring eye whisked away to Diane’s Connecticut estate, Cloudwalk, with three It-girls in tow:  Laura Love, Elizabeth Gilpin and Tali Lennox.

The images speak for themselves, but we caught up with Natalie about the concept for the shoot, keeping it quirky and the new Tales of Endearment.

How did you hear about Diane’s archive and what did you find most inspiring about it?

It’s not so much that I heard about Diane’s archives, it’s been more of a fantasy. I’ve been imagining them ever since I had the idea to shoot her as a Muse. When I thought of the Ultimate Muse, I could not think of anyone better than Diane. To me she is the epitome of vintage, and the embodiment of all that my Tales aspire to achieve: happiness, elegance and femininity.

I loved going through her collection of vintage, some her own brand, but a lot of it other designers. It was great to combine both and make it all look like the same woman.

What was your favorite piece in the collection?

I loved the felt, native-American circle skirt!

How would you describe your own aesthetic as a stylist and what you are hoping to accomplish with Tales of Endearment?

My aesthetic is very much about whimsy and quirk. I don’t take myself or the way I dress too seriously. I like humor and try to convey this in my styling. Tales of Endearment has always been a means to an end. I have created my own creative platform to not only show my work but also talk about women and fashion that inspire me. It’s great to have a voice, without having to push it onto others. Whoever wants to read my Tales, can take with them what they want.

What are you most excited about with the relaunch?

I am most excited to make the site more dynamic. I am adding some features that will allow me to post more. There is room for advertising, and smaller stories. And my instagrams will be there too. We called them InstaTales!



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