The Trend: Black and White

June 20, 2013

Forget the grey area. For June, we are seeing everything in black and white. So we caught up with DVF Account Executive, Christina Kazanjian, to give us the low down on high contrast. Here’s what Christina had to say:

How would you describe your style?

Effortless but thoughtful, downtown but lady-like, black and white but sprinkled with color. I wear what I feel confident in. If I feel confident, my day is instantly more productive. If I wake up and decide I’m feeling playful then on goes my Renee!

What do you like about black and white?

I love how these two completely contrasting colors can be so incredibly complimentary! Wearing them together can evoke feelings of mod, retro, glam, edgy, downtown…any woman can wear black and white in a way that makes her feel like herself…her best!

Tell us how you wore it.

The best part of the Renee dress is that it IS the outfit! I don’t like to distract too much from the color blocking detail and fun, flirty skirt. The only accessory needed is my Sydney Tote in Black. This bag has a ton of personality – not to mention it can carry everything I need on busy weekdays (iPad, notepad, line sheets, water, shoes…you name it) without sacrificing any level of chic.

How would you take it from day to night? Work to weekend?

This is easy…red lipstick and I’m off to have a cocktail with friends. The beauty of the Renee is that it is work appropriate AND a girls night out go-to!

And while we’re on the subject, what’s your favorite black and white film?


Your favorite black and white treat?

Coffee with a touch of soy milk every morning from The Standard Grill. Also, S’mores (minus the graham cracker)!


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