The Fifth Floor Book Shelf

April 19, 2013

As the weather warms around our New York studio, we’re all about embellishment, welcoming spring with sequins, studs, beading and more. The base for all this sparkle? A warm, earthy desert palette and flowing silhouettes inspired by Morocco. For a more in-depth look at the inspiration, we picked “L’art de la ceramique dans l’architecture musulmane” off the shelves of Diane’s library. Across Morocco, arches, mosaics and colors abound, and our box clutches in particular owe a nod to the ancient mosaics of Marrakesh.

But when a jaunt to some exotic locale is out of the question, a great biography is one of Diane’s favorite ways to escape. Lately, she’s been diving into the world of Joseph P. Kennedy through David Nasaw’s “The Patriarch,” which traces the fascinating, controversial history of the man who laid the foundation for the political dynasty that came to be known as America’s royal family.

As for around the studio, we must admit that one of our staff favorites is the always-inspiring “American Fashion Designers at Home.” Chic, eclectic, minimal, tranquil, ornate, this book dives into the super chic homes of America’s top fashion designers (including Diane’s real escape, her farm in Connecticut). We love comparing notes—maybe this season we’ll skip the spring cleaning and go straight for the spring redecorating!


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