Chuck Close and Personal

October 24, 2012

There are few things more revealing than a Chuck Close photograph. “If Chuck photographs you, it’s very much like an X-ray, in the sense that there’s nothing to hide behind,Diane recalls of her experience with the artist.

Now, a fresh crop of exposed subjects—including Close himself—are on display at The Pace Gallery. This afternoon we couldn’t help but sneak up the High Line to take a look. The exhibition, which runs through December 22, features the artist’s most recent paintings, prints and tapestries— and we left feeling more than a little inspired.

We first entered into a room abuzz with some never before seen paintings in the artist’s signature style. Paul Simon, Cindy Sherman, Phillip Glass, Kara Walker and Close himself were all there, like a stylish cocktail party of painted canvases.  One can only imagine the conversations that have passed between them.

Old and new mingled in the next room, jacquard tapestries in black and white and Close’s first foray into digital technology: watercolor prints. In his latest experiment, Close uses a library of approximately 14,500 his own, hand-made watercolor marks, each individually scanned into the computer, as building blocks for these works. The results are quintessentially his.

We don’t want to give it all away, so, in a word: go!

And, in more than a word, if you want to make an afternoon of it, sashay down the High Line and stop at Blue Bottle for a cappuccino and a parmesan shortbread sprinkled with sea salt. We did.


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