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Jessica Joffe’s Fall Beauty Guide

I’ve been warning you for months but the end of summer is finally upon us. I agree, this is exactly what I would deem a proverbial Rude Awakening, but there’s nothing we can do now but go in chastened and fully prepared. The temperatures may still be high, but we are marching—or slouching, depending on your constitution— swiftly toward the cooler months, so let’s do our best to face this sudden downturn in our fortunes as staunchly as we can.

Let’s start with our hair. The sun, the chlorine, the wind and the salt have done a number on that stuff growing out of our scalps, and after Labor Day that straw or kelp-like quality we all thought so charming is no longer working for anyone. So start off by washing and conditioning away a multitude of sins with color restoring Sachajuan shampoo and conditioner. That’s Swedish for extremely chic and minimal. While you let it air dry, drizzle a few drops of GM Reverie Milk over it, massage it through the ends and pray. Milk is organic, doesn’t contain sulfates or parabens and has a pleasantly magical effect on all hair types. (While you were in the shower I hope you didn’t forget to cleanse your person. A do-over is mandatory if you didn’t). Why not switch out those summer florals and citruses for Le Labo’s unfathomably seductive Oud shower gel? An autumnal scent if there ever was one. Double up with Oud body lotion as you’re drying off and waiting for your hair to change its personality.

On to your face: what that poor calling card of yours has endured for the last few months! Aside from the elements, you’ve been cementing its pores shut with metric tons of sunblock when you weren’t burning it to a crisp. (I might be projecting). Wash off summer with the calming Kinara cleanser and toner, and then dab a healthy dose of Indie Lee squalane face cream and calendula eye balm on all the parts you’ve been neglecting. Indie Lee is a new line of completely natural and highly effective products that have done wonders on me already.

We are all, of course, naturally perfect enough, but let’s talk about a few gentle enhancements… correct small blemishes and inconsistencies with By Terry’s Cellularose CC Cream and RMS’s “Un” Cover-Up. Use By Terry’s rose-based cream in place of a foundation, and RMS’s concealer around the nasal folds, under the eyes, on the eyelids and around the mouth. Rose-Marie Swift is the legendary makeup artist who created Gisele and Miranda Kerr’s stunning looks and her line of natural, coconut oil-based makeup is good for even the most sensitive skin types as it melts and adjusts to your complexion completely. Her brushes are brilliantly conceived to help this process, but in a pinch your index finger will do as well. Use her beautifully natural lip2cheek shades to get an autumnally stained quality. If you want to maintain some summery shimmer, dust a little Laura Mercier highlighter on your cheek and brow bones. You haven’t worn eye makeup in months, but fall colors like emerald, teal, navy, olive and pewter are so exciting you may just have to. Use Nars’s brand-new Audacious Mascara to open up your eye and By Terry’s Magnet Eye shadow palette. Swipe a line of Laura Mercier’s teal cream eyeliner along your top lashline or Kevyn Aucoin’s black kohl and go to town on the infinite eye shadow combinations; you may choose not to leave the house. Set everything with By Terry moisturizing powder, which contains hyaluronic acid, the most moisturizing ingredient on the market, and if you have the patience and precision, dip the tips of your nails in Jin Soon’s merlot red nail polish for a modern take on the French tip to match your Kevyn Aucoin Bloodroses lip. You’re ready to take a bite out of fall now. 


Wear Now:
Fashion Month

Fashion month is here at last, and with it comes the glamorous, solution-driven dressing that turns jean shorts and sandals into a distant memory. The impending lineup of late nights, early mornings and jetting across the pond means any outfit begins with the perfect black shades and heels. Go modern classic with Diane’s favorite Leah and the new Monica bootie to get through the month without a hitch. As for the rest, we do our best to travel lightly, relying heavily on a stretch leather pencil skirt and croc crossbody bag. But there’s still one thing missing! For that essential touch of print and color, a confetti tweed top is eye-catching, versatile and oh-so-chic.


Coming Soon:
House of DVF Season 2

Who is the right fit to represent DVF around the world? This season, the bar has been raised as candidates face off to become the next DVF Global Brand Ambassador. Will the DVF team find someone who has what it takes to make it? Watch Season 2 of House of DVF, premiering on E! at 9PM EST on September 13, and continuing on E! Sunday nights at 10PM EST.


The Floral Print for Fall

The must-have restaurant reservation. The sold out Broadway show. They don’t stand a chance against the charms of our quintessential wrap dress in this new floral print. Our seasonless, curve-hugging silk jersey in this sweet fall palette is a recipe for transition dressing that feels fresh and versatile with a seventies-inspired suede heel and a geometric, multi-strand necklace. Best of all, this floral wrap pairs so well with our Secret Agent tote and the Agent Farrah zip on clutch that lends an unabashedly feminine flair.


Jessica’s Picks:
Lips, Lips, Lips

Why not celebrate the last sweltering week of August with a full-body immersion in midnight kisses? Every minute we spend not romancing ourselves and others is an utterly wasted minute. Imagine a world without Romeo’s blushing pilgrims, Rodin’s iconic sculpture, the eternally damned lovers in Dante’s Inferno doomed to kiss for all eternity, or Rhett and Scarlett, or Macaulay Culkin and Anna Chlumsky, or most lyrically—though perhaps also disturbingly—the peppermint-scented first kiss between Humbert Humbert and Lolita? Let kisses envelope your sundries, let kisses cover your body and walk with kisses wherever you go. Wear them all together or hide your kisses in a pouch in your Secret Agent. Storm the overheated streets and stamp a kiss into the steaming pavement with every step you take.

And remember when you’re spreading love wherever you go to memorize these words by the poet Catullus:

Kiss me now a thousand times
And now a hundred more
And then a hundred
And then a thousand more again
‘Til with so many hundred thousand
Kisses you and I shall both lose count
Nor any can from envy of so much kissing
Put his finger on the number
of sweet kisses you of me
and I of you, darling, have had.



Kristen Stewart made a particularly chic appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” wearing a sleek Resort 2016 romper with tuxedo-like details. Also spotted in this on-trend silhouette: Nina Dobrev, who styled some of our favorite Fall pieces to perfection, layering a colorful button up under a little black romper for the Style Watch x Revolve fashion party on the High Line.
The result: two looks that were both true to the stars’ own style, and so DVF!


Jessica Joffe’s Tips for a Last-Minute Summer Staycation

First they don’t stop complaining about the heat and now, according to them, summer is basically over and henceforth all relaxation, fun and carefreedom shall cease to exist until the stroke of midnight Memorial Day 2016. Guess what, my little chickens: we have three whole weekends until ‘school’ or real life shift back into focus, so use these last, precious moments wisely. What’s that? Everything is too far away? Airports are hell and freeways are packed? Train stations are worse? Just stay in town, I say, and make the most of everything this 305 square mile collection of boroughs has to offer. All you need to do is hail a cab, or even walk if you’re close enough.

1. Explore the tip of the island by checking into one of the Greenwhich Hotel penthouses for the weekend. Located on the fringes of Tribeca, this beautiful hotel (owned by Robert De Niro) has enormous rooms, a pleasingly eclectic décor, an excess of light flooding in through the atrium windows and the perfect bathrooms. Plus, it’s unusually quiet, which helps you feel like you’re miles away from anywhere you know. Best to book at least a handful of treatments in the spa and take multiple dips in the pool, which may not be located in the sun, but is so much sexier for it.

2. After an absurdly good night’s sleep, and a hearty breakfast, courtesy of the chefs at Locanda Verde, order Señor Uber to take you all the way to 249th Street where the beautifully hidden gem of Wave Hill exists. Because, as your mother (or was it mine?) always says, “You should be outdoors in this kind of weather.” Wave Hill, a beautiful 19th century country house-turned-gallery overlooking the Hudson River in the Bronx has reams of gardens (each more stunning than the last), hiking trails, pools and gazebos. If it was good enough to be Theodore Roosevelt’s summer home, it’s good enough for you.

3. If, like me, everything you do is dictated by your hunger levels, hitch a ride to Arthur Avenue, the real Little Italy and let your inner glutton take over. Between Mario’s, Dominick’s, Zero Otte Nove, Roberto’s and every single cheese, meat and bread purveyor, you’ll have every base covered.

4. Head back into Manhattan, the northern tip this time, where Fort Tryon Park is home to the famous Cloisters, which houses the Metropolitan Museum’s extensive medieval art, artifact and architecture collection. As I’m sure you all know, The Cloisters is composed of the parts of 5 different Spanish and French abbeys. A lovely restaurant called the New Leaf (incidentally my favorite Elaine May movie) sits just a stone’s throw away from the museum, where you can have lunch before or after you’ve viewed all 5,000 works. Fort Tryon Park is beautiful, so take a gander through the woods and think about the masseur waiting for you at the hotel.

5. After another delicious sleep you never imagined possible in New York City, pack a large hotel towel or three (shh), a bottle of rosé, put on your best gladiator sandals, pack a copy of War and Peace and hop on the A train to Far Rockaway. It’s going to take you at least an hour to get there, so you may even be on the second chapter by the time you get there. Yes, we are well aware that Rockaway and its surrounding beaches have become the purview of the hipster, but they’re onto something. Fort Tilden, the shuttered military base to the side of Rockaway Beach is a sight to behold and an incredible events space as well. Dotted around the beach are taco restaurants, surf shacks, and in the other direction, behind Jacob Riis beach, a dilapidated vacant hospital. Much closer than the Hamptons, and arguably more compelling, you can spend all day here, work on your tan, learn to surf, swim and make some new, incredibly attractive friends.

6. Head back into the city to clean the sand out of your toes and make a beeline for the High Line, which is never more serene than at night. Amble from the northern end to the southern, under the blue lights beneath the Standard Hotel and grab a late margarita and some ceviche at Santina, the newest addition to the Carbone family of restaurants. A perfect end to your summer weekend, and you never even had to see the inside of a jitney.


Hot Topic:
The Myla Dress

In a rich shade of dragon fruit pink, the Myla dress is ready to shake up cocktail hour. All of those glamorous, well-connected attendees, standing around gazing at their phones? They don’t stand a chance of missing this look. Accented by luxe accessories in python, this tank dress, with its curve-hugging seams and deep scoop back, is ready to take on any room.


Wear to Work:
The Carrie Dress

This season we gave an iconic men’s print a makeover, and the result is a fresh and colorful tweed with an alluring femininity—think Marlene Dietrich or Katharine Hepburn. As a petite print it graces fluttering chiffon. It makes a knitted cameo on a rebellious reverse wrap. And as a true tweed it brightens one of our favorite wear to work silhouettes, the Carrie. There’s no easier way to be chic in an instant than this mini shift dress paired with a classic pump, a crossbody bag and a sleek gold collar. As the weather cools, this shift can be layered with the Emery jacket, also in confetti tweed, the season’s ultimate celebration of color, glamour and confidence!


Operation Multi-Task:
The Bevin Dress

It’s one of those days. Fall is coming but the days are still warm. An important meeting requires polish. A date requires edge. To top it all off, you run into your ex. Good thing the Bevin dress has you covered. A classic sheath with flattering ruching, it exudes effortless sex appeal and also an air of “I can handle this.” Factor in a pair of heels, a simple cuff and glamorous shades, then finish the look with the ultimate accomplice: The DVF Secret Agent. After work, simply unzip the sleek tweed clutch and polished tote turns playful evening bag. Who knew there were so many tricks up those cap sleeves?


The Essential Catherine Dress

If the new Catherine shirt dress already looks familiar, you may be thinking of its star turn on Karlie Kloss in the “DVF Secret Agent” film. It was also a knockout look on our Fall runway, with its petite, festive print, tuxedo collar, and mixed leather and fabric tie belt. In fact, we love it so much, the Catherine actually inspired a whole series of styles in our “Seduction” collection, from a stunning jumpsuit to an easy skirt that, as Diane says, “flirts with the knee” with its layers of soft chiffon. For after dark, we’re pairing the Catherine dress with the Mika suede heel (with a platform for comfort, and flattering the leg) and zipping the “Agent Karlie” clutch off our DVF Secret Agent bag to travel lightly and colorfully into the night.


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