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Splendor of Budapest

June 02, 2011 byDiane

When I heard that my nephew, Hubertus von Hohenlohe was going to show his photos at the Hungarian National Museum, I jumped at the occasion to visit Budapest for the weekend. It wasn’t hard to convince Christian Louboutin to come with me…he too had never been. After settling in at the newly restored Four Seasons Hotel in Gresham Palace, which has exceptional views of the Danube River, we crossed the bridge to visit the famous Gellért Public Bath House. Even though it is slightly worn out, it is as big and grand as one would expect. It brings you back to the splendor of the end of the 19th century ! We soaked in the hot tub, swam, walked the gardens and had a good, old fashioned mud treatment. Afterward we stopped in the tea room for cakes and hot chocolate.

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