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Sweet Indulgences: The Milo Mini + Sockerbit

March 29, 2013

We love our Milo Mini and we love Sockerbit in the West Village. So we couldn’t help but notice that this hands-free cross-body bag is the perfect companion for a trip to this super chic Scandinavian candy store, where you are invited to dive right in and compose your own colorful candy bag. Our perfect Saturday would definitely involve some combination of the two. And talk about guilt-free pleasure. Their candies are free of trans fats, artificial colors, and genetically modified ingredients. Don’t mind if we do!


September Survival: Part II

September 19, 2013

Welcome back for another edition of September Survival! Last time we checked in with our intrepid bloggers they were beginning their marathon Fashion Month in New York. The fashion set has since jetted off to London and Milan, so we’re checking in with Aimee Song of Song of Style and Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad for tips that will translate across the Atlantic, and carry you through the season in style! And don’t forget to check back throughout the month for more September Survival.

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